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Indoor Cats That Want to Go Outside - Safe Solutions - About.com
Here are safe compromises to offer your indoor cat the best of both worlds, without the hazards of free ... Safe Alternatives to an Indoors-Only Lifestyle for Cats.
Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow him Outdoors
With the reasons for keeping cats inside, I agree, it can be a safer option. ... If you live on a city road then cats indoors are a must only if you can keep them ...
Your First Cat Tutorial - Lesson 9 - Indoors or Outdoors
There are many safe alternatives, including leash training and outdoor shelters, some of ... Whether indoors only or allowed outside access, all cats should have  ...
Kitten Care Online Course - Lesson 7 - Indoors ... - Cats - About.com
The Outdoor Cat - A Menu of Safe Alternatives ... Whether indoors only or allowed outside access, all cats should have identification, both permanent ( microchip ...
FAQ - Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors - About.com
Only cats that are kept indoors and have no contact with other cats do not need ... on safe alternatives, which includes garden-type enclosures, so that cats can ...
FAQ - Is my apartment big enough for a cat - Cats - About.com
I'd like to get a cat for companionship, but I'm not sure if my place is big ... Hundreds of thousands of cats live out long and perfectly happy lives as indoors- only cats, ... There are safe alternatives, depending on your apartment arrangement.
Toilet Training for Cats vs Kitty Litter- Guest Article by Lin Komula
For instance, there are sheltered indoor cats, indoor/outdoor cats, and strictly ... Other indoor/outdoor cats would rather only use the dirt outside, while others ...
Cats - The Great Indoor-Outdoor Debate Revisited
The younger cats, Jaspurr, Joey, and youngster Billy, are all indoors-only, and they only go outside on leashes. Since none of them have been able to freely ...
Indoors is Great for Cats - Not Necessarily Good for Large Dogs
Cats make better pets because they can stay indoors with only a few concessions ... The only alternative for a dog forced to stay indoors most of the day is for the ...
Top Reasons Not to Declaw a Cat - Cats - About.com
A typical counter-argument is, "My cat is indoors-only. ... Would you honestly want him to be anything less, especially since there are humane alternatives?
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