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Indoor Cats That Want to Go Outside - Safe Solutions - About.com
Here are safe compromises to offer your indoor cat the best of both worlds, without the hazards of free ... Safe Alternatives to an Indoors-Only Lifestyle for Cats.
Cats - The Great Indoor-Outdoor Debate Revisited
An epiphany causes this person to change her views on the indoor-outdoor controversy on cat care. ... The younger cats, Jaspurr, Joey, and youngster Billy, are all indoors-only, and they only .... 7 Ingenious Ways to Substitute In Greek Yogurt.
FAQ - Is my apartment big enough for a cat - Cats - About.com
I'd like to get a cat for companionship, but I'm not sure if my place is big ... Hundreds of thousands of cats live out long and perfectly happy lives as indoors- only cats, ... There are safe alternatives, depending on your apartment arrangement.
Your First Cat Tutorial - Lesson 9 - Indoors or Outdoors
This is lesson nine of the About Cats online Cat Care Tutorial. ... make for your cat - should be be an indoor-only cat, or will he be allowed outdoors. There are many safe alternatives, including leash training and outdoor shelters, some of which...
Kitten Care Online Course - Lesson 7 - Indoors ... - Cats - About.com
I urge you to consider an indoor-only lifestyle for your baby. He'll live longer, and I know ... The Outdoor Cat - A Menu of Safe Alternatives Would your kitten enjoy ...
FAQ - Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors - About.com
A reader from the UK remarks that it is cruel to keep cats indoors, and that ... on safe alternatives, which includes garden-type enclosures, so that cats can enjoy the best of both worlds. ... The Outdoors Cat - Safe Solutions for Indoors-Only.
Indoor-Only Desirable for Cats 4 - About.com
Cats make better pets because they can stay indoors with only a few concessions ... The only alternative for a dog forced to stay indoors most of the day is for the ...
Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow him Outdoors
With the reasons for keeping cats inside, I agree, it can be a safer option. ... If you live on a city road then cats indoors are a must only if you can keep them ...
Declawing Cats - Tell Us What You Think About Declawing Cats
The issue of declawing is a hot topic for cat lovers and veterinary personnel. ... Top Related Searches; alternatives to declawing cats · declaw cats · cat ... Past the issue of claws, making cats "indoor-only" animals is ab...
Where Can I Find an Electronic Cat-Finder? - Cats - About.com
(You will receive an ID tag with the registration number). Tattooing is a second alternative. Keep collars and tags on your cats at all time. Even indoor-only cats ...
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