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Cat Aggression: 11 Common Causes of Cat Aggression
There are several kinds of cat aggression, and more than one can happen at the same time. The more types Kitty shows and the longer they're allowed to go on, ...
Cat Aggression - Common Types of Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Cat aggression has many faces. Dealing with cat aggression goes beyond stopping cat fights. Understanding and identifying the different types of aggression, ...
6 Tips to Avoid Redirected Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Redirected aggression happens when your cat can't properly respond to a physical or verbal correction, or is thwarted in a desire. In other words, kitty can't ...
Inter-Cat Aggression - Symptoms and Types - Cats - About.com
Bringing a new cat into a home where there is already a cat, or cats, can cause some problems -- both passive and active aggression. Females will usually live ...
Seven Ways to Stop Play Aggression in Kitten Play - Cats - About.com
Cat aggression and cat attacks may be either predatory or play aggression, and look identical. But when the kitten grapples your bare feet and chomps down, ...
Cat Care - 8 Ways to Treat Fear Aggression - Cats - About.com
Fear aggression is the most common type of feline aggression. A percentage of cats simply inherit the "shy gene" and aggress every time they become ...
10 Tips to Stop Cat-To-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
A cat fight, more technically termed inter-cat aggression, frustrates owners and can cause cats to lose their home. Most inter-cat aggression involves intact ...
Ask Amy: How to Stop Inter-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Learn about aggressive cat behavior, how to introduce a new cat to your household, and how to stop cat aggression. This article explains cat social dynamics ...
Aggression Between Family Cats - About.com
Many holistic remedies are available for stress or fear that accompanies aggression by another cat. Check my listing here of Natural Remedies for Stress.
Understanding Cat Aggression: Hyperesthesia - Cats - About.com
Cat aggression due to hyperesthesia may not seem to have an identifiable cause and is referred to as “idiopathic” aggression. In most cases, though, the cats ...
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