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Cat Aggression: 11 Common Causes of Cat Aggression
There are several kinds of cat aggression, and more than one can happen at the same time. The more types Kitty shows and the longer they're allowed to go on, ...
Cat Aggression - Common Types of Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Read this cat aggression article to learn about 8 common kinds of cat aggression and how to solve them. Learn about 8 common kinds of cat aggression and ...
6 Tips to Avoid Redirected Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Redirected aggression happens when your cat can't properly respond to a physical or verbal correction, or is thwarted in a desire. In other words, kitty can't ...
Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Amy Shojai, CABC, provides help for all forms and causes of cat aggression, including cat-to-cat aggression, aggression against other animals, and aggression ...
Inter-Cat Aggression - Symptoms and Types - Cats - About.com
Bringing a new cat into a home where there is already a cat, or cats, can cause some problems -- both passive and active aggression. Females will usually live ...
Ask Amy: How to Stop Inter-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Learn about aggressive cat behavior, how to introduce a new cat to your household, and how to stop cat aggression. This article explains cat social dynamics ...
Mother Cat Aggression: Calming Your Mama Cat - Cats - About.com
Read this Ask Amy column by Amy Shojai, CABC, to learn why mother cat aggression is normal and how to deal with queen protecting kittens. Learn why mother ...
10 Tips to Stop Cat-To-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
A cat fight, more technically termed inter-cat aggression, frustrates owners and can cause cats to lose their home. Most inter-cat aggression involves intact ...
Aggression Between Cats Sharing a Household - About.com
It is always with concern when we witness what seems to be angry aggression between cats who have been good buddies in the past. Two cats will be engaged  ...
Aggressive Behavior in Cats - Fear and Aggression - About.com
Inter-cat aggression can be caused by a decrease in individual space, usually due to overcrowding, or because a new cat has been brought into the household.
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