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How to Train Legal Cat Scratching Behavior - About.com
Clawing marks territory so scratchable objects must be located correctly for the ... My cat Seren likes to roll onto her back under furniture, and scratch overhead, ...
Cats Top Picks - Aids to Prevent Destructive Scratching - About.com
A good, sharp claw trimmer is essential for preventing damage to furniture (and tender skin), caused by scratching or clawing. Millers Forge Cat Claw Scissors ...
How to Manage Your Cat's Claws - Cats - About.com
Your cat's claws are one of his most important tools. ... Trimming will not discourage him from clawing furniture, but will render his weapons a little less deadly.
Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture Without Declawing - Pet Supplies
Declawing is a drastic surgery, but it's usually not necessary. These four products will help you stop your cat from destroying furniture in simple, inexpensive ...
Best Furniture Upholstery Against Cat Claws - Cats - About.com
What is the best kind of upholstered furniture for a home with cats? ... the best kind of upholstery for chairs and sofas that will stand up to clawing by cats?
Scratching Below the Surface - Guest Article by C.H.U.
Many people complain of cats scratching and clawing furniture. The usual hypothesis is that cats scratch furniture to maintain their claws. If a cat scratches the ...
Everything You Need to Know About Cat Behavior - Cats - About.com
Remember that there are no bad cats, only uninformed cat caregivers. ... in legal clawing with these articles and aids, while protecting furniture and carpeting.
Signs of a Healthy Cat: Front Claws and Coat - Cats - About.com
To keep his claws sharp, a cat scratches rough surfaces, such as trees, wood posts, sisal, and sometimes furniture or carpeting. The clawing does not actually  ...
How to Stop Cats From Urinating Outside the Litterbox - About.com
It is the largest single cause of concern among cat owners,right up there alongside clawing furniture and drapes. Indeed, shelters cite the largest reason given by ...
Cat prefers the carpet to the scratching post - FAQ - Cats - About.com
My cat uses the scratching post but he likes the carpet better. ... If possible, move a piece of furniture (or a scratching post) on top of his favorite scratching area.
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