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Cats Top Picks - Aids to Prevent Destructive Scratching - About.com
A good, sharp claw trimmer is essential for preventing damage to furniture (and tender skin), caused by scratching or clawing. Millers Forge Cat Claw Scissors ...
How to Train Legal Cat Scratching Behavior - About.com
Understanding and providing for your cat's scratching needs will go a long way ... train him to use a scratching post or other legal target, protect your furniture, ...
Best Furniture Upholstery Against Cat Claws - Cats - About.com
My cat has effectively destroyed a couple of chairs over time, and I still hate the idea of getting her de-clawed. Could you suggest the best kind of upholstery for ...
Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture Without Declawing - Pet Supplies
Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, so they don't understand why humans get so bent out of shape when they claw that tempting couch, door jamb, ...
How to Manage Your Cat's Claws - Cats - About.com
Cats do not scratch furniture with malicious intent. Scratching is part of their regular self-maintenance program to keep their claws nice and sharp for self defense ...
Destructive Scratching by Cats - Helpful Alternatives to Declawing
Cats do not scratch furniture with malicious intent. It is part of their regular self- maintenance program to keep their claws nice and sharp for self defense.
Scratching Below the Surface - Guest Article by ... - Cats - About.com
Your cat may be trying to communicate his needs to you when he scratches your furniture, even though he is trained to use a scratching post, according to this ...
Best Upholstery for Cat and Dog Owners - Furniture - About.com
Your cat's claws won't get caught in it, as there are no loops in the fabric. Microfiber is also ... What is the best kind of upholstered furniture for a home with cats?
Review - Soft Claws Nail Caps for Cats - About.com
Guide review of the product Soft Claws, a soft plastic nail cap for cats, ... two cats 11yrs and 5 yrs, would of course try scratching the different smelling furniture.
Cat prefers the carpet to the scratching post - FAQ - Cats - About.com
My cat uses the scratching post but he likes the carpet better. What can we do about this? FAQ on cat behavior.
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