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Cats Top Picks - Aids to Prevent Destructive Scratching - About.com
A good, sharp claw trimmer is essential for preventing damage to furniture (and tender skin), caused by scratching or clawing. Millers Forge Cat Claw Scissors ...
How to Manage Your Cat's Claws - Cats - About.com
Cats do not scratch furniture with malicious intent. Scratching is part of their regular self-maintenance program to keep their claws nice and sharp for self defense ...
How to Train Cat Scratching Behavior - About.com
If you understand why your cat scratches, you can train him to use a scratching post or other legal target, protect your furniture, and preserve your furry love.
Stop Cats From Scratching Furniture Without Declawing
Scratching is a natural behavior for cats, so they don't understand why humans get so bent out of shape when they claw that tempting couch, door jamb, ...
Scratching Below the Surface - Guest Article by ... - Cats - About.com
Your cat may be trying to communicate his needs to you when he scratches your furniture, even though he is trained to use a scratching post, according to this ...
Best Furniture Upholstery Against Cat Claws - Cats - About.com
One of the most frequent questions I've received has to do with the best kind of upholstered furniture for homes with cats. Through 40+ years of trials of trials and  ...
Destructive Scratching by Cats - Helpful Alternatives to Declawing
Cats do not scratch furniture with malicious intent. It is part of their regular self- maintenance program to keep their claws nice and sharp for self defense.
Before You Buy Your Cat a Scratching Post - Cats - About.com
Number One Solution to Clawing. Don't even think of declawing your cat for scratching your furniture. Cats need to scratch, for a number of reasons, primarily for ...
Cat prefers the carpet to the scratching post - FAQ - Cats - About.com
My cat uses the scratching post but he likes the carpet better. ... If possible, move a piece of furniture (or a scratching post) on top of his favorite scratching area.
Declawing Cats - Tell Us What You Think About Declawing Cats
The issue of declawing is a hot topic for cat lovers and veterinary personnel. It is a surgery that ... Have you had a cat that destructively clawed furniture? How did  ...
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