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14 Ways Cats Show Their Love to Owners - About.com
Learn 14 ways cats love their owners. Understand the ways cats show love.
10 Ways to Show Cats Love Through Attention & Treats - About.com
Kitten adoption doesn't include instructions on how to love cats. But how do you show your cats you love them? What sort of mother love does your fur-kid want?
The Feline-Human Bond of Love - Cats - About.com
Love is the binding ingredient between cats and humans, from the ancient days, when Egyptians considered cats as gods, to the present time, when many ...
Real Men Do Love Cats - About.com
Although cats are sometimes looked upon as a traditional pet for women, it is a known fact that real men do love cats.
Gift-Bearing Cats - Love Me - Love My Gifts - About.com
Does your cat bring you gifts? What do you think are his motives? Some interesting cat gifts, carried home by the feline hunter of my house, for the pleasure of ...
Top 10 Things Cats Like: Activities Cats Enjoy the Most
Like many humans, cats love to eat good food, and to snack between meals. Cat snacks are probably more healthful than most of our "junk food" snacks, though, ...
Cats Eye Blink Behavior and Eye Blink Cat Kisses - About.com
The eye blink, in contrast, is a way that non-aggressive cats signal that their intentions are not hostile. Cats blink at each other, as well as the humans they love, ...
Bestowing Hunting Gifts - Cat Behavior Questions - Cats - About.com
These cats wouldn't bother bringing presents to a human if they don't have a loving relationship with you. Kitty brings you these treasured prizes because she  ...
Cat Phone Fanatics - Why Cats Love Phones - Jealous Cat Behavior
Learn why cats love phones and act like a jealous cat, with this cat phone article on cat behavior. Read this cat behavior article about why cats love phones and ...
Why I Love my Black Cat Foster-Adoptees - Share Your Story: Why I ...
In my area, black cats are always the last to be adopted. Four of my six current cats are black - Pete was a scroungy looking foster kitten we fell in love with.
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