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14 Ways Cats Show Their Love to Owners - Cats - About.com
Learn 14 ways cats love their owners. Understand the ways cats show love.
10 Ways to Show Cats Love Through Attention & Treats - About.com
Kitten adoption doesn't include instructions on how to love cats. But how do you show your cats you love them? What sort of mother love does your fur-kid want?
The Feline-Human Bond of Love - Cats - About.com
Most people who share their homes with cats profess to love them. However, there's a definite dividing line between those who look on their cats as "pets" or ...
Top 10 Things Cats Like: Activities Cats Enjoy the Most - About.com
Perhaps it's because all the men in my family have been cat guys, but there's a special place in my heart for men who love cats. One of my favorite cat dads is ...
Real Men Do Love Cats - About.com
Although cats are sometimes looked upon as a traditional pet for women, it is a known fact that real men do love cats.
Cat Phone Fanatics - Why Cats Love Phones - Jealous Cat Behavior
Learn why cats love phones and act like a jealous cat, with this cat phone article on cat behavior. Read this cat behavior article about why cats love phones and ...
Ask Amy - Why Cats Seek Affection in Bathrooms - About.com
Why do all my cats (and my friends report theirs, too) love to be in the bathroom with me? I can sit for hours in the living room, bedroom and office and no one ...
Bestowing Hunting Gifts - Cat Behavior Questions - Cats - About.com
These cats wouldn't bother bringing presents to a human if they don't have a loving relationship with you. Kitty brings you these treasured prizes because she  ...
Tough Love With Cat Didn't Work - Share Your Story: Dumbest ...
We humans are prone to making mistakes and there isn't a cat alive who won't take advantage of that propensity. One of my dumbest mistakes was when Jenny  ...
Why I Love my Black Cat Foster-Adoptees - Share Your Story: Why I ...
While black cats are sometimes feared by people who are not.
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