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How and Why Cats Play - About.com
Kathy sent several terrific questions about cat play and cat toys and I offered to take a shot at answering. Some cats are more playful than others--some won't ...
Ask Amy: Why Won't My Adult Cat Play? - Cats - About.com
Learn how cats play, and how to encourage cat play. This article explains some favorite cat toys and cat games. How to encourage your cat to play with this ...
How to Play With Your Cat for Feline-Human Bonding
One of the most rewarding aspects of living with a cat is watching him play. Here's how to join in with the fun, to maximize your human-feline bond while giving ...
Cat Toys - How Cats Play - Favorite Cat Toys - About.com
Refer to this article to learn about cat toys and how cats play. Learn what toys cats prefer when cats play by reading this article on cat toys and cat play.
Ask Amy - Cat Play In Water - Why Does my Cat Dunk her Toys in ...
Refer to this Ask Amy column with Amy Shojai explaining what cat play in water means. Learn why cats dunk toys in water in this Ask Amy cat behavior column.
How to Teach Your Cat to Fetch - Cats - About.com
Refer to this article to learn 5 tips for training cat fetch. This article explains why cats fetch and how to teach cats to play feline fetch.
How To Make Homemade Cat Trees and Cat Toys - Cats - About.com
Cats love to climb, claw, leap, and hide. Providing them with legal opportunities keeps them from countertop cruising, clawing furniture, playing gravity ...
Play for Cats - Toys - Games - Ideas for entertaining cats - About.com
Cats love to play, and playing is a favorite pastime for their human companions too. Here are links to toy products and articles on playing with cats.
Your First Cat Tutorial - Lesson 8 - Playing With Your Cat
What's the big deal, you ask? Everyone knows how to play with a cat! Well, yes and no. For instance, some people (guys, for the most part) want to wrestle with a  ...
Seven Ways to Stop Play Aggression in Kitten Play - Cats - About.com
Cat aggression and cat attacks may be either predatory or play aggression, and look identical. But when the kitten grapples your bare feet and chomps down, ...
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