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Cat Talk - Cat Purring - Understanding Cats' Purrs - About.com
Learn about why and how do cats purr in this article to better understand purring cats. Find out about cat sounds and variations on purring in this article by Amy ...
Why and How Cats Purr - About.com
One of the top items of curiosity about cats is 'why do they purr?' Although there is no definitive answer why cats purr, it is a remarkable ability shared by no other ...
14 Ways Cats Show Their Love to Owners - About.com
Her purrs can mean a variety of things, from delight to expressions of concern. And kitty purrs range from soft and subtle to Mack-truck loud. When your cat purrs  ...
Healing Vibrations of Cat Purrs - About Holistic Healing
Jul 24, 2013 ... Anyone who has held a purring cat in their lap understands the warmth and feeling of contentment that is conveyed by the sound and feel of the ...
Why Do Cats Purr? Video
Have you ever wondered how cats purr? This video takes a look at why cats purr and what it actually means.
Cat Purring, Bathing, Vision, and Other Cat Functions
All domestic cats are born with the purring ability. Kittens instinctively purr when nursing, and your adult cat will purr at the drop of a hat whenever you're near.
Healing Cat Purrs - About Holistic Healing
Cat purring can ease discomforts such as stomach pain, and also help boost immune systems.
Does Your Cat Purr Because He is Happy - News Article - Cat ...
New research out today (05/09/03) reveals that most people haven't a clue about what their cats are trying to say to them when they purr. The survey, carried out ...
Is My Cat Happy - Cats - About.com
Learn more about knowing if your cat is happy with this article by Amy Shojai, ... While purrs aren't always happy, for the most part they can be an indication of ...
What Do The Different Cat Meows Mean? - Cats - About.com
There are four major categories: murmur patterns include purrs and trills; vowel patterns are meows in all their variations (cats can produce several diphthongs, ...
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