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How to prepare for disaster with your cat's safety in mind
How to prepare for your cats' safety and survival in the case of a disaster.
Keep Windows Closed or Tightly Screened for Cat Safety - About.com
If you must open windows on hot days for ventilation, either keep the opening narrow enough to prevent a cat from slipping through, or invest in special pet ...
Safe House - Removing Household Hazards to Your Cat's Safety
Cats are injured and killed every year in household accidents - poisoning, injuries, choking - many of which could be avoided. Learn how to cat-proof your home ...
Cat Proof Holidays - 10 Holiday Safety Tips for Cats - Holiday Pets
Cat proof your holiday and protect your Christmas tree by following these 10 holiday pet safety tips. This article by Amy Shojai, cats.About.com behavior writer,  ...
Kitten and Cat Safety Around Electricity - Electrical - About.com
Find out why the curious kitten and cat in your house may be in danger of electrocution.
Top Winter Pet Safety Tips - Keep your dog and cat safe from winter ...
Cold weather poses special risks for pets, such as running out of water (frozen over) and increased pain from arthritis. Winter dangers aren't just about the cold ...
10 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats - About.com
Cat Care · Maintaining a Safe Environment for Cats · Seasonal Safety for Cats ... in October, Halloween poses a number of safety problems indoors, for all cats.
Kittens Home Safety Tips - How to Kitten Proof Your Home
Read this how-to article for kittens home safety tips and kitten proofing your home . Learn how to kitten ... Check all cat toys before giving them to the new baby.
Halloween Safety Tips for Pets - Keep your dog and cat safe on ...
There are many Halloween pet safety hazards related to this October holiday -- some are well-known (the dangers of chocolate toxicity), and some aren't (xylitol  ...
Cat Treats - Holiday Safety - 12 Tips for Safe Cat Treats
Read this cat treats article about safe cat treats and 12 holiday safety tips for treating your cat safely. Learn 12 holiday safety tips about safe cat treats and how to ...
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