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Pets are Property? - Cats - About.com
While cats and dogs are considered beloved family members in homes all over the world, the law takes a different view by generally regarding pets as property.
Cat Repellent - How to Keep Felines Away From ... - Cats - About.com
Most important to you, though, indoor cats get their tails in a twist when a trespassing cat appears. Indoor cats "own" all the property they can see through the ...
Top Mistakes by New Cat Owners - Cats - About.com
Although cats have a reputation for taking care of themselves, that fact does not ... While cats may legally be considered "property" in some jurisdictions, the term ...
10 Ways to Keep Cats Away From Yards (1-6)
I'm often asked how to keep cats away from yards. The answer lies in cat repellents, whether by wire, water, or just plain understanding how feline pests think.
How to Keep Feral Cats Out of Your Backyard - Birding and Wild Birds
Feral cats kill thousands of birds, but these tips offer a range of ways to ... feral, stray and lost cats from invading the property they've made friendly for birds.
Pet Policy - Landlords and Property Investments - About.com
You should see the animal in person before you allow it into your property to ... For example, dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, rabbits, hamsters, gerbils etc. are ...
Should You Make Your Property Pet Friendly?
Learn the Pros and Cons of Having a Pet Friendly Property. By Erin Eberlin ... Loss of Other Tenants- Other tenants may be allergic to dogs or cats. Tenants may ...
Black Cat Month - the Perils of Halloween - Cats - About.com
It probably did not even occur to them that this practice is cruel and inhumane - this kind of individual typically thinks of cats as property, and not as sentient ...
What's Wrong with Owning Pet Cats? - About.com
We humans who share our homes with dogs or cats, are not "pet owners," but more ... Cats are NOT property, and they DO deserve respect as sentient beings.
No Pets Allowed - Cats - About.com
Fair or not, property owners have the right to enforce rules meant to protect their ... housing to own or keep common household pets, including dogs and cats.
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