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Destructive Chewing by Cats and Kittens - About.com
Destructive chewing by cats is undesirable, first, because of the potential of danger to the cat, and second, because of damage to family valuables. Here are  ...
11 Things You Need to Know About Cat Behavior - Cats - About.com
Causes of destructive chewing by cats can range from teething in kittens to curiosity, to boredom, and even (surprise!) because of a nutrient deficiency.
How, Why, and When to Train a Cat - Cats - About.com
While other cat medical problems may be recognizable as such, cats' peeing outside the box is ... Destructive chewing by kittens is often a result of teething.
How to Cat-Proof Electrical Wiring - Cats - About.com
It is important to deter cats of any age from sources of danger at all times, ... has a very unpleasant taste, and will deter many cats from chewing wires. ... The Top 9 Indoor and Outdoor Commercial Cat Repellents · Destructive Chewing by C...
Feline Behavior and Training - Cats - About.com
Behavioral problems in cats, such as missing the litterbox, excessive meowing, or destructive scratching can be corrected by first eliminating physical causes, ...
Kitten Care - Kitten Training and Discipline - Cats - About.com
Since litter box avoidance is a major cause of surrenders of cats to shelters, it is important that cats be given a ... Destructive Chewing A Potentially Harmful Habit
Aggression Between Cats Sharing a Household - About.com
Aggression between cats sharing a household can come in several forms, ... Cat Behavior 101 · Aggression Toward People · Destructive Chewing by Cats.
Whose House Is This, Anyway - Territorial Battles with Cats
Cats don't claw to be bratty or intentionally destructive. ... Whether your territorial issues with your cat arise over clawing, chewing house plants, or using your ...
Kittens Home Safety Tips - How to Kitten Proof ... - Cats - About.com
Kittens and many adult cats love warm hidey-holes and appliances can become ... Destructive Chewing by Cats · Cat Proof Holidays: 10 Holiday Safety Tips ... Ask Amy: Keeping Outside Cats Safe · Ask Amy: Cat Chewing Electric Wires ...
Nine Commercial Cat Repellents for Indoor and ... - Cats - About.com
Or perhaps your cats are endangering themselves by counter-surfing near the .... Cat Behavior 101 · Destructive Chewing by Cats and Kittens · Behavior FAQs.
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