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Vision and Eye Problems in Cats - What to Look For - About.com
While the eye may be the window to the soul, you can learn a number of things about both your cat's mood and his health by looking in his eyes.
Cat Talk: Understanding Cat Eyes - Cats - About.com
Refer to this cat talk article to understand cat eyes. Understand how cats talk with their eyes. Cat eyes and cat talk is explained in this article by Amy Shojai, ...
Cats Eye Blink Behavior and Eye Blink Cat Kisses - About.com
Read this cat behavior article to learn about cats eyes and eye blinking cat kisses . This cat communication article explains why cats give eye blink cat kisses ...
Eye Problems and Blindness in Cats - Feline Disease - About.com
Conditions that Affect Sight in Cats: Cat Health Concerns > Special Needs Cats Profile > Eye Problems & Blindness Cats' normal vision is superior to humans, ...
Eye Problems and Blindness in Cats - Causes - Treatment ...
Feline disease profile on eye problems and blindness in cats. Learn more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of problems that affect the ...
Cats Body Language - a Picture Tour - About.com
Sumner is clearly showing fever eyes, with a temperature of 104 farenheit. Note the third eyelid. We can learn a lot about our cats' temperament, as well as their ...
BBC - A History of the World - Object : Cat's Eyes
May 10, 2010 ... Percy later recalled that out the swirling gloom he noticed two points of light, the headlights had caught the eyes of a cat on a fence.
Senior Cats - Normal Changes Seen With Age - Veterinary Medicine
Cloudy or "bluish" eyes - Like dogs, cat's eyes often show a bluish transparent " haze" in the pupil area. This is a normal effect of aging, and the medical term for ...
Cat Eyes - Inventors - About.com
In 1934, Percy Shaw patented Catseye road studs. Catseyes are the road reflectors which help drivers see the road in the fog or at night. In 1947, British, Labor ...
The Complete Cat - Perfect Marriage of Form and Function -
The eyes of a cat are designed to give him the greatest chances of seeing his prey before it sees him. Cats are nocturnal in nature, and nightime is hunting time  ...
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