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What You Can Tell by Looking into Your Cat's Eyes - Cats - About.com
While the eye may be the window to the soul, you can learn a number of things about both your cat's mood and his health by looking in his eyes.
Cat Talk: Understanding Cat Eyes - Cats - About.com
Cats talk with their eyes. What they say is determined by the position of the eyelids and dilation of the eyes. The messages vary from subtle to overt, and can be ...
Eye Problems and Blindness in Cats - Feline Disease - About.com
Herpesvirus (FHV-1) is often the source of conjunctivitis in cats' eyes. Its treatment is often difficult, and the virus may resurface time and again over the lifetime of ...
Cats Body Language - a Picture Tour - About.com
Follow a picture tutorial with descriptions and explanations of cats' body language ... Sumner is clearly showing fever eyes, with a temperature of 104 farenheit.
Senior Cats - Normal Changes Seen With Age - Veterinary Medicine
Thinning of the iris - Also known as iris atrophy, some cats eyes, particularly those lighter in color, may appear to be "moth-eaten" as they age. This does not ...
Tracking Kittens Development- The First Six Weeks - Cats - About.com
feral cats , so if you are in a kitten foster situation, those kittens should be kept away from other ... All kittens' eyes are blue, and will remain so for several weeks.
Signs of a Healthy Cat Examination - Part 1: The ... - Cats - About.com
Let's take a look at our cats from head to toe so that we may start with a level playing ... Your cat's eyes should be clear, bright, and alert to his surroundings.
White Odd-Eyed Cats With Partial Blindness - About.com
Are white cats with bi-colored eyes blind in one eye? This is a feline genetics FAQ I recently received. Read my reply and learn more about white cats and their  ...
Upper Respiratory Infections in Cats
Symptoms of an upper respiratory infection include sneezing, sometimes coughing, runny nose and watery eyes. Although the most common cause of URIs is ...
Entropion in Dogs and Cats - Treatment - Veterinary Medicine
About entropion in dogs and cats, including information on the symptoms and treatment of ... It can affect one or both eyes, and the lower and/or upper eyelids.
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