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The High Cost of Veterinary Care - Are Veterinarians Only in it for ...
Response to the accusation, "Veterinarians are only in it for the money," from a lay person who believes there is another side of the story.
The High Cost of Veterinary Care - Cats - About.com
Your cat could fall victim to economic euthanasia, if you waited to long to seek veterinary care. These articles will help you in making the best decisions and ...
Cats - The Costs of Responsible Ownership
If you are not prepared to meet these costs, it is better to not adopt a cat at all. ... by a veterinarian; An annual veterinary examination; Emergency veterinary care,  ...
Veterinary Care Costs - Viewer Comments
Viewer submitted comments and opinions about the cost of veterinary care and pet ownership.
Pet Care Costs - Tips to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bills
Pets not only require our time and attention, they require our money, too. Food, vaccinations, and veterinary medical care all add up. In today's tough economy, ...
The Cost of Dog Ownership - Affording a Dog - Dogs - About.com
Routine veterinary care is a huge part of keeping your dog healthy. Plan on going to the vet for wellness check-ups once or twice a year at a cost of at least ...
My pet is sick and I can't afford to go to the vet - Veterinary Medicine
True - vets care about animals. Vets love animals. However, medical supplies, veterinary office and staffing expenses, insurance fees, and the normal expenses  ...
The Tragedy of Economic Euthanasia - Pets Put to Sleep Because of ...
I conducted a poll on ways to cut cat costs in a falling economy. Of all ... CareCredit works like a credit card, but is exclusive for veterinary care (and other human ...
Money saving tips to help pet lovers afford vet care, food and supplies
Readers Respond: Share your favorite cost-cutting tips for pet supplies and vet care ... From the article: Tips to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bills. These are  ...
How to Raise Funds for Pet and Vet Care Bills - Veterinary Medicine
Here is a collection of resources to help raise money for vet care and food bills. ... and families who've requested our assistance (Modest Needs' own costs are ...
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