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The Top Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors - About.com
Many cat lovers are now savvy that indoor cats are safer cats, while others still ... Statistics show that of "owned" cats turned in to shelters, only three percent are ...
Indoor Cats That Want to Go Outside - Safe Solutions
Here are safe compromises to offer your indoor cat the best of both worlds, without the hazards of free ... Safe Alternatives to an Indoors-Only Lifestyle for Cats.
Indoors VS Outdoors - Cats Really Are Safer Inside - About.com
The indoor-outdoor controversy has gone on for years, but more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of keeping their cats indoor only.
Microchips for Cats - Why It's A Good Idea - About.com
Cats absolutely need a form of identification, even if they are indoor-only cats. Indoor cats do escape at times, and unlike human children, cats are unable to ...
Cats - The Great Indoor-Outdoor Debate Revisited
The younger cats, Jaspurr, Joey, and youngster Billy, are all indoors-only, and they only go outside on leashes. Since none of them have been able to freely ...
Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow him Outdoors
I didn't hurt the little punks, but they were convinced I was going to. I've been firmly on the "Indoor-only" side of this debate since. It really helps if you raise them ...
You CAN Keep Your Cat During Your Pregnancy - Cats - About.com
Toxoplasmosis is rare among indoor-only cats. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. Note that cats who contract toxoplasmosis do not always show symptoms. To prevent ...
How to Lose Cats Through Carelessness - About.com
Nothing is more frightening to a cat lover than to let an indoor-only cat escape to the outdoors. And to lose all four cats through carelessness is terrifying.
Kitten Care Online Course - Lesson 7 - Indoors vs Outdoors
Whether indoors only or allowed outside access, all cats should have identification, both permanent (microchip or tattoo) and removable (collar and tags).
FAQ - Isn't it cruel to keep cats indoors - About.com
A reader from the UK remarks that it is cruel to keep cats indoors, and that customs ... to Keep Cats Indoors · The Outdoors Cat - Safe Solutions for Indoors- Only.
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