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The Top Reasons to Keep Cats Indoors - About.com
Many cat lovers are now savvy that indoor cats are safer cats, while others still think that cats deserve freedom to run in the great outdoors. For those holdouts ...
Indoors VS Outdoors - Cats Really Are Safer Inside - About.com
The indoor-outdoor controversy has gone on for years, but more and more people are beginning to realize the benefits of keeping their cats indoor only.
Microchips for Cats - Why It's A Good Idea - About.com
Cats absolutely need a form of identification, even if they are indoor-only cats. Indoor cats do escape at times, and unlike human children, cats are unable to ...
Why I Choose to Keep my Cat Indoors - or Allow him Outdoors
Declawed demands indoor-only. Brave Newman had been declawed by his first family before we adopted him. There is a four-lane road 30 feet east of our ...
Indoors is Great for Cats - Not Necessarily Good for Large Dogs
8 - Indoor-Only Desirable for Cats. Photo of Cat With Window View of Bird Feeder - Photo Credit: Guest,. Photo of Cat With Window View of Bird Feeder.
How to Lose Cats Through Carelessness - About.com
Nothing is more frightening to a cat lover than to let an indoor-only cat escape to the outdoors. And to lose all four cats through carelessness is terrifying.
How to Find Lost Cats - About.com
Jun 20, 2013 ... On the other hand, if your cat is normally indoor-only, he or she may be closer to home than you suspect. Learn all the steps you can take to ...
Is it Safe to Let Your Cat Go Outside? Video
Most cats that are adopted as pets will wind up living a vast majority of their lives as indoor-only animals. Certainly nothing wrong with that and that is how the ...
You CAN Keep Your Cat During Your Pregnancy - Cats - About.com
Toxoplasmosis is rare among indoor-only cats. Ads. &ensp. &ensp. &ensp. Note that cats who contract toxoplasmosis do not always show symptoms. To prevent ...
Finding Lost Cats - About.com
In all likelihood, the owner of indoor-outdoor cats will eventually face the sorrow of having a cat turn up missing. Even indoor-only cats may slip out the door ...
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