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Feline Breeds, Domestic Cats and Color Patterns - About.com
There are currently over 70 breeds of cats recognized by one cat registry or another. The IPCBA (International ... Mixed Breed This term is most often used when ...
Domestic Cat vs Mixed Breed Cat: What Is the ... - Cats - About.com
What is the difference between a domestic cat and a mixed breed cat? ... Yes, the cats we enjoy as pets today are all domesticated, in that they all descend from ...
Mixed and Domestic Cat Breeds - Moggie Profile - Cats - About.com
Because so many people are fixated on 'cat breeds,' I'm including a 'breed profile' of the mixed breed cats, along with moggies, which are cats of unknown ...
How to Tell if Your Cat is a Purebred - Cats - About.com
Most of the cats breed rescue groups take in are breed "look-alikes," and will be subsequently be offered for adoption as mixed-breed cats, e.g. "Maine Coon mix  ...
Domestic Cats - Mixed Breeds - Moggies - Profile of Domestic Cats
Domestic cats are rich in history, and there is no one-size-fits-all description of them. ... Profile of the Mixed Breed and Domestic aka Moggie Cat · Readers Share ...
My Very Special Siamese Mix Cats - Share Your Story: Living with a ...
Domestic / Mixed Breed owners describe their pets. Learn about training and housebreaking Domestic / Mixed Breed, Domestic / Mixed Breed health, ...
Cat Breeds and Feline Genetics - Cats - About.com
Included are discussions of tabby cats and other color patterns. ... 'breed profile' of the mixed breed cats, along with moggies, which are cats of unknown breed.
12 Most Popular Cat Breed Pictures - Cats - About.com
They are solidly built cats, descendants of ancestors who arrived from Europe ... Domestic cats, also known as "moggies," "mixed breed," and sometimes plain ...
Personality Comparison: The 12 Most Popular ... - Cats - About.com
Purebred cats have fairly consistent personality traits, and, aside from their beauty, those personalities are the factors that ..... Domestic or Mixed Breed Cats.
Talk About Your Cat - Cats - About.com
Now that you know the basic differences between cat breeds and domestic cats or mixed breed cats, you can put your knowledge to work with a brag about your  ...
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