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Feline Breeds, Domestic Cats and Color Patterns - About.com
Developing and registering a new breed of cats is a long, involved progress, and ... Commonly seen mixed breeds in shelters include Maine Coon mix, Persian ...
Domestic Cat vs Mixed Breed Cat: What Is the Difference
Aren't all cats domesticated these days? What is the difference between a domestic cat and a mixed breed cat? Answer: I thoroughly understand your confusion, ...
Mixed and Domestic Cat Breeds - Moggie Profile - Cats - About.com
Mixed breed cats, depending on the distance of the breed from which they are descended, may closely resemble the original breed, e.g., a 1/2 Abyssinian, 1/2 ...
12 Most Popular Cat Breed Pictures - Cats - About.com
Domestic cats, also known as "moggies," "mixed breed," and sometimes plain " alley cats," are rich in history, and there is no one-size-fits-all description of them.
Domestic Cats - Mixed Breeds - Moggies - Profile of Domestic Cats
Far from being "ordinary house cats," domestic cats are by far the most popular cats in the world. Learn more about Domestic Cats, Mixed Breeds, and "Moggies" .
Cat Breeds, Breeders, Genetics, Etc Directory - Cats - About.com
However, if he meets certain criteria, you may safely call him a "mixed breed" cat, depending on what breed he resembles most. Learn more about the difference ...
How You Can Tell if Your Cat is a Purebred - Cats - About.com
Most of the cats breed rescue groups take in are breed "look-alikes," and will be subsequently be offered for adoption as mixed-breed cats, e.g. "Maine Coon mix  ...
Cat Breeds and Color Patterns - Cats - About.com
Hardly a day passes that I don't receive at least one email with an attached photo, asking me to help identify the "breed" of a cat. The correspondent is sometims ...
Cat Breed Brags - Share your story and photos of your own ...
Talk About Your Cat. Share Your Story About your Purebred Cat, Domestic Cat, or Mixed Breed. By Franny Syufy · Cats Expert. Share this. Send to a Friend via ...
Personality Comparison: The 12 Most Popular Cat Breeds
We are only concerned with the Household Pet Class, which is very liberal, including domestic cats and "oops litter" (mixed breed cats, as well as all special  ...
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