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Definition of Predator Among Marine Life - About.com
A predator is an organism that hunts and kills other organisms for food. Some predators are carnivores or 'meat-eaters', while others are omnivores and feed on  ...
Apex Predator - Definition in Marine Life - About.com
An apex predator is an animal who, as an adult, has no natural predators in its ecosystem. The great white shark is an example of an apex predator.
Protect Your Chickens and Other Poultry From Predators
It seems that more animals are after chickens and poultry than any other farm animal - so learn what predators put your chickens at risk and how to best protect  ...
Predators on Social Networks - Security - About.com
Social networks are a popular method of meeting and communicating with like- minded persons, but they also pose a risk as predators and perverts stalk users.
Sea Turtle Predators - Marine Life - About.com
Sea turtles have hard shells (called carapaces) that help protect them, but they still have predators. They are also more vulnerable than land turtles because ...
Great Barrier Reef Sharks and Other Predators - Animals/Wildlife
On the Great Barrier Reef, predators on the reef come in many shapes and sizes. Sharks are the iconic reef predator and species that visit the reef include tiger ...
Invasive Predators - Birding and Wild Birds - About.com
Invasive predators are critical threats to many birds, but aren't these predators part of nature too? Understanding what makes a predator invasive is the first step  ...
Natural Spider Control: 9 Notable Spider Predators - Pest Control
When it comes to spiders, nature provides its own system of natural control, with a number of predators feeding on these often-feared creatures.
The Defense Mechanisms Animals Use to Survive
With predators being high on the food chain and always on the lookout for a meal , prey must constantly avoid being eaten. Any adaptation the prey uses adds to ...
Protecting Against Child Predators - Beyond Stranger Danger
Learn how to help your child avoid and fight off potential dangers -- from strangers on the street and, even more likely, predators they may already know.
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