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6 Tips to Avoid Redirected Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Redirected aggression happens when your cat can't properly respond to a physical or verbal correction, or is thwarted in a desire. In other words, kitty can't ...
Help me handle this new aggression between my cats - Behavior FAQ
Cats Behavior FAQ: Guide answers question about controlling redirected aggression among cats in a household.
Aggression Between Cats Sharing a Household - About.com
Aggression between cats sharing a household can come in several forms, including play aggression, redirected aggression, and territorial aggression.
Cat Aggression - How to Stop a Cat Fight - Cats - About.com
Read this article to learn how to stop a cat fight and deal with cat aggression. ... Seeing YOU or being touched could prompt redirected aggression so stay away  ...
Six Tips to Stop Cat Aggression After a Vet Visit - Cats - About.com
In many instances, the unexpected attack results from redirected aggression when the aggressor lashes out at a surrogate target since the actual target can't be ...
Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
This article explains cat aggression and cat attacks from redirected aggression and how to prevent redirected aggression. Learn how to avoid cat attacks from ...
Cat Aggression - Common Types of Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
It also can be transient, and happen as a result of redirected aggression, or following visits to the veterinarian. It can be hard to read aggression in some cats,  ...
10 Tips to Stop Cat-To-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Cat-on-cat fights can result from any other kind, such as redirected aggression, play aggression, and fear aggression. Changes to the cat's social group (addition  ...
Aggression Between Cats - About.com
Aggression between cats can be fear-based, territorial, or redirected aggression. These articles will help the reader deal with aggression between cats in a ...
How to Stop Cat Attacking Companion Cat - Cats - About.com
I have read Franny's article about redirected aggression; however, Domino gets on very well with the kittens. He actually grooms them. Domino is getting worse ...
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