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6 Tips to Avoid Redirected Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Redirected aggression happens when your cat can't properly respond to a physical or verbal correction, or is thwarted in a desire. In other words, kitty can't ...
Help me handle this new aggression between my cats - Behavior FAQ
Cats Behavior FAQ: Guide answers question about controlling redirected aggression among cats in a household.
Cats' Aggression Toward People - Biting and Scratching
Fear or Redirected Aggression Your cat may become upset at seeing a strange cat through a window, and react by attacking the first thing he sees at hand ...
Cat Aggression - How to Stop a Cat Fight - Cats - About.com
Seeing YOU or being touched could prompt redirected aggression so stay away and don't attempt to comfort either cat until they've had time to chill. Catfights ...
Cat Aggression - Common Types of Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Intercat aggression most typically involves cats challenging one another for social status. It also can be transient, and happen as a result of redirected ...
10 Tips to Stop Cat-To-Cat Aggression - Cats - About.com
Cat-on-cat fights can result from any other kind, such as redirected aggression, play aggression, and fear aggression. Changes to the cat's social group (addition  ...
Six Tips to Stop Cat Aggression After a Vet Visit - Cats - About.com
cat attack can be emotionally upsetting to the victim cat as well as owners. In many instances, the unexpected attack results from redirected aggression when the ...
Aggression Between Cats Sharing a Household - About.com
Aggression between cats sharing a household can come in several forms, including play aggression, redirected aggression, and territorial aggression.
Cat Aggression: Redirected Aggression - Cats - About.com
Amy Shojai, CABC, provides help for all forms and causes of cat aggression, including cat-to-cat aggression, aggression against other animals, and aggression ...
How to Stop Cat Attacking Companion Cat - Cats - About.com
I have read Franny's article about redirected aggression; however, Domino gets on very well with the kittens. He actually grooms them. Domino is getting worse ...
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