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Spay-Neuter FAQ - Is it possible for the spay of a female cat to fail
Question: Is it possible for spaying a female cat to fail? I have a 9 month old girl who is getting very heavy, specifically in her belly. She was spayed before I ...
Should a Rescued Pregnant Cat Be Spayed? - Cats - About.com
Stray female cats have an uncanny knack of finding shelter immediately before ... While spaying a non-pregnant female cat will prevent the birth of anonymous ...
Spay and Neuter Your Pet Cats - About.com
Anyone who has lived through the misery of having a female cat in almost constant heat ... problem, there are some valid health reasons for spaying female cats.
Spaying (Ovariohysterectomy) Surgery in Dogs and Cats
Spaying (ovariohysterectomy) in Dogs and Cats - learn about spay surgery in dogs and ... Spayed = a female cat or dog who has had both ovaries and uterus ...
Dog & Cat Spay: Can My Pet Be Spayed if She Is in Heat?
A viewer asked: "Can a female dog in heat be spayed? ... Spaying at any age eliminates the chance of ovarian and uterine cancers, as they are removed during ...
Spay & Neuter for Cats - About.com
Couple holding cat - Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images. How to Tell the Sex of a Cat · One of the ... Is it possible for spaying a female cat to fail? A reader asks if it  ...
Neutering (Castration) in Dogs and Cats - Veterinary Medicine
Spayed = a female cat or dog who has had both ovaries and uterus ... Dogs and cats generally recover a bit quicker from neutering than spaying since it is not as  ...
Cat Sterilization Drugs: Hope for Feral Cat Colonies - About.com
Not a Substitute for Surgical Spaying in Owned Cats ... engineered bacterium ( Salmonella), which when fed to female cats, would prevent eggs from fertilization.
Compelling Arguments for Early Spay and Neuter of Cats - About.com
Although the concept of early spaying and neutering of both cats and dogs is not ... That a female cat should not be neutered until after her first oestrus period.
Spay and Neuter - Tell us about having your dog or cat spayed or ...
Spaying and neutering are considered to be routine, elective surgeries. ... thank you!!!! we are in a jamb. we have a young spayed female (6 months post-spay) ...
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