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Cats Come Into Their Own as Therapy Animals - About.com
Not only do cats provide emotional and physical therapy to their human family, in terms of helping relax muscles stressed by tension, and minds torn with worry ...
Cats as Therapy Animals - Readers Contribute Short Stories About ...
Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapy animals, and are being used in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. Readers contribute ...
Feline-Human Bond of Love - Therapy Cats and Cat Dads - About.com
Although dogs have more traditionally been recruited as therapy animals, cats are being used more and more. After all, the advantage of being able to purr, is of  ...
Cat Therapy for Autistic Children - A True Story of ... - Cats - About.com
Cats are slowly moving into their own as therapy animals, and are being used in convalescent homes and other institutions for that purpose. However, though a ...
Music Therapy for Cats - About.com
Learn to train cats with music therapy. This article teaches how to solve cat behavior problems with music.
Cats, Miracles, Therapy, Service, and Healing - Angels & Miracles
Miraculous Ways Cats Help with Therapy Healing, Rescue, Companionship, ... Cats are graceful creatures that remind people who love them of God's grace at ...
Radioactive Iodine Therapy for Hyperthyroidism in Cats
This series has been following the treatment of a hyperthyroid cat, using oral medication with Tapazole. At 18 months into the treatment, it is time for radioactive ...
Treating Acute Renal Failure in Dogs and Cats - Veterinary Medicine
Fluid therapy is the cornerstone of treatment for dogs and cats suffering from acute renal failure. In most cases, intravenous administration of fluids will be the ...
Bipolar Disorder Support and Therapy from Animals
Cats, dogs and other animals can now be licensed as service animals for many purposes, including helping people who have mental illnesses. And pets don't ...
Pet Therapy - Hospice Volunteer Pet Therapy Dogs
Updated January 01, 2014. Assisted Animal Therapy (AAT), also known as pet therapy, is the use of certified cats and dogs as volunteers for the disabled, ...
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