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The Vivisection Quandry - Animal Experimentation - Part 2 Where ...
Class B Dealers Class B Dealers routinely get animals from "bunchers," who obtain them by various means: "Free to good homes" ads. The buncher will pose as ...
I Buy Strays - Hoax - Satire - or Money-Maker - Cats - About.com
The real issue is that of Class B Dealers: Individuals (such as IBS claims to be), whose unscrupulous means of gathering dogs and cats to sell to laboratories for  ...
Glossary of Feline Terms - Definitions of all those confusing words ...
Class B Dealers · clowder · conjunctivitis. D. declawing · diabetes · DSH. E. ear mites · endogenous · epidemiology · exogenous. Next > Feline Terminology F to  ...
Pet Theft - What is Pet Theft and Why Does it Happen - Animal Rights
Oct 1, 2011 ... The regulations adopted under the AWA can be found at 9 C.F.R. 1.1, where " Class 'B' Licensee" is defined as a dealer "whose business ...
'I Buy Strays' Website - Hoax or Satire? - Urban Legends - About.com
Dec 28, 2007 ... It is true that under U.S. law, licensed "Class B" animal dealers may legally purchase animals -- including pets -- from private individuals as well ...
RV Rental Dealers' Web Pages - Camping - About.com
A list of Web sites of RV dealers that offer rental packages on various makes and models of recreational ... Class A, B, and C travel trailers, City of Industry, CA.
Massachusetts Gun Laws - About.com
An alien or non-resident class A or class B temporary license to carry a firearm shall not ... or handguns) per year unless sold directly to a licensed gun dealer.
The Credit Score Car Dealers REALLY Use
Apr 4, 2007 ... As if car dealers didn't already have enough secrets, here's another to add to the ... But, of course, what sounds too good to be true is just that.
Coin Dealer Ethics - Overlooked 1893-S Morgan - Coins - About.com
Mar 17, 2009 ... The scenario for this week's Coin Dealer Ethics question was originally ... tune of around $30,000.00, these first class dealers have done just about ... John B. March 19, 2009 at 7:03 pm. (40) Harry says: What Dave did was ok.
RV Dealers' Web Pages - USA - Camping - About.com
A directory listing of RV dealer Web sites in the USA. ... St. Louis, MO. Vantastic Vans New and used Class B motorhomes (camper vans), Albuquerque, NM.
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