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Help Stop the Inhumane Killing! - Cats - About.com
In fact, if we really want to break the bank, I suggest we also add in that it be illegal for shelters to turn animals over to Class B animal dealers. Thousands of us ...
Pet Theft - What is Pet Theft and Why Does it Happen - Animal Rights
The regulations adopted under the AWA can be found at 9 C.F.R. 1.1, where " Class 'B' Licensee" is defined as a dealer "whose business includes the purchase ...
'I Buy Strays' Website - Hoax or Satire? - Urban Legends - About.com
Dec 28, 2007 ... It is true that under U.S. law, licensed "Class B" animal dealers may legally purchase animals -- including pets -- from private individuals as well ...
Bill Would Shield Gun Dealers, Makers - US Government Info
Oct 26, 2005 ... Just when you thought the gun control issue had fizzled out, along comes the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act {S. 1805), a bill that ...
Massachusetts Gun Laws - Crime and Punishment - About.com
An alien or non-resident class A or class B temporary license to carry a firearm shall not ... Dealers are forbidden to sell or transfer in any way a handgun that is ...
What are the Gun Laws in Indiana?
A dealer may not sell, rent, trade, or transfer a handgun to a person until the dealer ... An arrest for a Class A or Class B felony, or other felony that was committed ...
The Credit Score Car Dealers REALLY Use – Credit / Debt
Apr 4, 2007 ... As if car dealers didn't already have enough secrets, here's another to add to the ever-growing list. If you're a savvy auto loan shopper, you ...
2011 Mercedes-Benz Airstream Interstate 3500 Review
The Interstate is classified as a Class B motorhome, a van-based iteration that's smaller .... 5 Trick Questions From Car Dealers and How to Answer Them.
Consumer Alert - DirecTV Class Action Lawsuit - Home Theater
Feb 26, 2008 ... Consumer Alert - Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against DirecTV ... Services · Furniture/Media Storage For Home Theater - Products and Dealers ...
The First Steps to Riding a Motorcycle - Motorcycles - About.com
Once you've taken a MSF course and learned the basics, schedule an appointment at your ... 5 Trick Questions From Car Dealers and How to Answer Them.
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