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Cats - The Costs of Responsible Ownership
There is no real way to estimate these costs, since they vary as to the age, overall condition, and accident-proneness of the cat. Veterinary insurance can ...
The High Cost of Veterinary Care - Are Veterinarians Only in it for ...
It seems to me that veterinary doctors are only interested in money. They take advantage of our heartache and charge WAY TOO MUCH, just so THEY can drive ...
Financial Help for Pets' Veterinary Emergencies - Cats - About.com
Responsible cat caregivers want to be prepared for the costs of veterinary emergencies, either with veterinary pet insurance, or savings set aside for that ...
The Cost of Dog Ownership - Affording a Dog - Dogs - About.com
Vet bills for a young puppy will likely range from $100-300 depending on the puppy's health and the region in which you live. Puppies need to visit the vet every ...
Pet Care Costs - Tips to Save Money on Pet Care and Vet Bills
For emergencies and other unplanned veterinary costs, the expenses can be staggering. In some cases, it becomes a life-and-death situation just because the  ...
Saving Money on Dog Care - Cutting the Cost of Dog Ownership
Consult your vet or a nutritionist so you will be sure to prepare a well-balanced diet. Dog treats should be kept to a minimum in order to keep expenses low.
How to Raise Funds for Pet and Vet Care Bills - Veterinary Medicine
"I am trying to find this little girl a home and come up with funds for her vet expenses. I found her trying to cross a busy highway. Her toenails were so long that ...
How Much Does a Pet Rabbit Cost to Care For?
So you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit for yourself or your child but you want to know how much it will cost. People often forget about the ongoing expense ...
Veterinary Care Costs - Viewer Comments
Viewer submitted comments and opinions about the cost of veterinary care and pet ownership.
Help with Veterinary Bills - Puppies - About.com
All of us appreciate help with veterinary bills because we want to provide the best for our special puppies. You can invest in pet insurance for your pets. Low cost ...
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