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The Vivisection Quandry - Animal Experimentation - Part 2 Where ...
According to Vivisection.net, the U.S. vivisection industry annually spends $18 billion on animal experiments, with a large proportion of that funded by U.S. ...
Animal Research and Vivisection - Cats - About.com
Vivisection using animals has been around for a long time, as have been groups who protest it. Read the pros and cons of animal research and vivisection, ...
Vivisection - Animal Rights - About.com
Vivisection is literally the cutting of a living being. This page will explore the ethics behind student dissection, animal experimentation for medical research as  ...
Vivisection - What is Vivisection? - Animal Rights - About.com
Definition: Vivisection is experimentation on a live animal. The word comes from the Latin vivus, which means "alive" and the English section, which means "cut.
Why It's Wrong to Experiment and Test on Animals - Animal Rights
Vivisection FAQ: Why do animal rights activists oppose animal experimentation? Isn't there a law to protect animals in laboratories? Doesn't the end justify the ...
Is Stem Cell Research the End of Animal Vivisection? - Animal Rights
Could stem cell research end animal experimentation some day? An analysis of whether stem cell research might end vivisection in the future, and how this ...
Vivisection - Animal Experimentation and Testing Blogs 2008 - 2014
With the recent format change on all About.com sites, this index will make it easier to find blog posts about vivisection, animal experimentation, cosmetics testing, ...
Vivisection Debate - Prof. Gary Francione and Prof. Dario Ringach ...
Vivisection Debate between Prof. Gary Francione and Prof. Dario L. Ringach. The Use of Nonhuman Animals in Biomedical Research: A Moral Justification?
Definition of LD50 or Lethal Dose 50 Test - Animal Rights - About.com
Definition of the controversial LD50 test, or Lethal Dose 50 test, an issue in animal rights and vivisection.
What Are Cruelty-Free Products? (Overview)
cruelty-free · vivisection · animal experimentation · veganism. By Category. Animal Rights 101 · Vivisection · Animals Used for Food · Animals Used in Clothing ...
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