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New to Cats - Getting Your First Cat
Getting your first cat or kitten can be a huge step for a "Cat Newbie." These helpful articles and resources will help you in making that all-important decision of committing to a lifetime relationship. Whether you've just adopted your first cat, or are just thinking about getting one, this is the place to start.

Breeds / Genetics / Types / Cat Fancy
Learn all about cat breed profiles; breeding and genetics; breed photo albums; breeder listings of popular breeds of cats; breed rescue organizations; cat registries and clubs; and information on cat shows and showing cats. Included are discussions of tabby cats and other color patterns.

Cat Care
Want to learn more about cat care and feeding? Cat care is a complex subject. From taming a feral kitten to nurturing an older cat, cat care runs the gamut. From cat food to scratching posts, from claw trimming to litterbox training, these articles and features offer all the information you need for responsible cat care.

Kitten Care: All Aspects of Kitten Care
Getting a new kitten may raise all kinds of questions about kitten care. But kitten care need not be a mystery. These pages will guide you with everything from bottle feeding orphaned feral kittens to training and socializing your new kitten. You’ll find all the support for kitten care that you need, within these pages. Your good care of your kitten will pay off in rewards you can't imagine.

Feline Behavior Problems and Training Cats
Behavioral problems in cats, such as missing the litterbox, excessive meowing, or destructive scratching can be corrected by first eliminating physical causes, then instituting a program of informed retraining, with the help of these resources.

Cat Food and Nutritional Requirements of Cats
Cats' nutritional needs are very specific and the nutritional quality of cat food is one of the most important factors in cats' health and longevity. These resources will help you learn all you need to know about cat food labels, cat food ingredients, and the nutritional needs of cats.

Cat Health
For the concerned cat owner, cat health is one of the most important considerations. From prevention of disease, to understanding and treating a life-threatening disease, these cat health topics are an invaluable resource.

Litter Box Essentials
A big factor in your cat's urinary tract health, as well as peace in your household, is his acceptance of the litter box. Here are resources for litter box supplies, along with discussions on what works and what doesn't.

Pregnancy - Mating - Reproduction in Cats
Although cat enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to spay and neuter their cats, sometimes accidents happen, or you'll find yourself "adopted" by a pregnant cat. These resources will help in those situations.

Spay & Neuter for Cats
All pet cats should be spayed or neutered, and these pages tell you why, when and how to go about having his done, as well as veterinary explanations of what spaying and neutering are, and how they are performed.

You and Your Cat - Bonding - Maximizing Your Relationship
Cat lovers are a special breed of people because they share lifelong bonds with their fuzzy-faced "children." Read more about the feline-human bond, DIY cat crafts, how to deal with allergies to cats, how to cope with loss; in short everything you want to know about loving a cat.

Animal Advocacy - Welfare - Activism
Animal advocacy comes in many forms, from the Animal Rights groups to the more middle of the road Animal Welfare advocates. The methods of these groups and individuals within the groups may differ, but the common thread is love of animals as well as acting and speaking out for their welfare.

Cat Pictures and Cat Picture Galleries
Some cat lovers' idea of great content is pictures of cats, cute kitten pictures, kitty photo albums, or picture galleries of cats. These pages are an eyefeast of exactly that: Just one kitty picture after another, including cat breed picture galleries, cat pictures sorted by color, kitten photos, and much more.

Entertainment for Cat Lovers: Quizzes, Crafts, Online Fun, Humor
Here are all the entertaining and provocative things you can do involving cats without even having a cat in your home, along with some you can do for your cat. Try a DIY cat tree, some handmade mice, or an outdoor enclosure. Games and quizzes? Humorous stories about cats? They're all here, and more.

Products - Shopping - Reviews
The pet supplies industry is a multi-billion dollar cash cow. These reviews, top picks, and buying advice will help you make educated choices when buying toys, food, and other products for cats.

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