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Special Needs Cats

Learn more about these very special cats who have learned quite well to live with their disabilities. Although they require special care of varying degrees, they live quite comfortably with other cats in the household as a well-knit family group.

Special Needs Cats Profiles
Special Needs cats have two things in common: They need special care because of birth defects, accident, or contraction of serious diseases such as hyperthyroidism, diabetes, or FIV; and, by and large, they are able to live comfortably with their conditions, given the care they need. They may have been born with special needs, contracted...

Feline Cerebellar Hypoplasia
Cerebellar Hypoplasia is one the most evident of all special needs cats because a quick observations will disclose uncontrollable bobbing of the head and/or difficulty walking without falling over. Yet CH cats readily adapt to their condition with the help of dedicated caregivers.

Chronic Renal Failure in Cats
As cats age, their kidneys gradually slow down and are unable to handle urine output efficiently. While chronic renal failure (CRF) is almost always the eventual cause of death in geriatric cats, their life span can be extended with subcutaneous fluids at home, dietary discretion, and regular veterinary checkups,and they can live quite comfortably.

Feline Diabetes
Feline Diabetes Mellitus is handled much the same as human diabetes. Depending on the type and severity of the disease, cats may be treated with insulin injections, diet change or both. Cats' blood glucose level can be checked frequently with the same time of device humans use. Because of the degree of care required to manage diabetic cats,...

Feline Hyperthyroidism
Feline Hyperthyoidism is fairly common, and unless the form of treatment chosen completely reverses the condition, hyperthyroid cats are considered special needs cats. Hyper-T is a disease of the endocrine system, and is usually caused by one or more thyroid tumors, the majority of which are benign. Because the symptoms closely resemble several...

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