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Veterinary Care for Cats

A solid plan of veterinary care is the first essential for ensuring your cat's optimum health throughout his three life stages. Working in a partnership with your veterinarian will help further this goal.
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Cat Health 101: Veterinary Care for Cats
The most essential factor in your cat's health is his or her veterinary care. Learn more with this lesson on Veterinary Care for Cats from the Cat Health 101 Online Tutorial.

Veterinary Care for Cats
Are you one of those cat caregivers who only take their cats to the veterinarian during emergencies? Delaying routine exams is actually a financial risk, as potentially serious illnesses can be nipped in the bud by early diagnosis. Your cat could fall victim to economic euthanasia, if you waited to long to seek veterinary care. These articles...

When to Call Your Veterinarian for your Cat -
I often get e-mails from folks describing various symptoms their cats are displaying and asking if I have any idea of the causes. Although I may often have ideas or opinions, my answer is always the same: "Even if I were a veterinarian, I would not attempt to diagnose your pet without a thorough personal examination. Your kitty needs to be seen by a veterinarian, without delay."

Why is my Cat Vomiting Frequently?
Cats' vomiting may be caused by relatively minor problems, or could be a significant symptom of a veterinary emergency, such as one of many potential diseases. Only your veterinarian cat diagnose and treat feline vomiting and its cause.

How to Get a Stool Sample From Your Cat?
A reader is concerned because her cat is rubbing his butt across the ground. She suspects he has a tapeworm and asks how to get a stool sample to take to the veterinarian

Help in Selecting a New Veterinarian
Finding a new veterinarian for cats is always a challenge, whether moving into a new area or dissatisfied with the former vet. Although referalls from other happy clients are a big plus, it is always advisable to be prepared with a list of questions to ask any prospective veterinarian for your cat.

When to Seek a Second Veterinary Opinion for Your Sick Cat
Working as a partner with your veterinarian is the best way to ensure continued good health of your cats. However, the time may come when your partnership splinters, either through lack of faith in your veterinarian's diagnosis or treatment plan, or lack of proper communication. If you feel that situation coming, it may be time to consider seeking a second opinion. Here are some guidelines for ma…

Before You Skip That Vet Visit: Serious Considerations
That scheduled vet visit may be crucial to your cat's health. If you are tempted to skip it entirely, or delay it because it isn't convenient right now, or finances are a little tight, please give some thought to several considerations before picking up the phone and canceling that vet appointment. Your final decision may vary, depending on the...

Have you had to put a cat to sleep because of the rising costs of vet…
In a deepening recession, with no foreseeable end, more and more veterinarians have to euthanize cats and dogs because their owners do not have the money to pay the high veterinary costs incurred with emergencies or seriously escalating chronic disease. If this has happened to you, share your story and how you reached the final decision on putting your cat to sleep

The High Cost of Veterinary Care
Response to the accusation, "Veterinarians are only in it for the money," from a lay person who believes there is another side of the story.

Adult Cat's Annual Veterinary Exam
All adult cats should be seen by their veterinarian, at least once a year, for a routine "well-check" examination. An annual veterinary check draws a baseline of the cat's normal physical condition, so that, should illness or emergencies arise, the veterinarian can more easily spot the differences in the cat's condition.

A Veterinary Care Plan for Senior Cats
As cats enter their senior years, their need for veterinary care increases. When cats reach the age of 10 years, their wellness checkup should be done twice a year, rather than annually for adult cats. The physical examinations and lab tests will be essentially the same as for adult cats under the age of 10. However, the physical exam will be more thorough, as the veterinarian checks for certain "red flags."

Veterinary Reference Books for Cat Owners
Any home library of books on cat care must include one or two veterinary reference books to be complete. Knowing the normal conditions of a healthy cat, how to spot symptoms of illness, and what to do about them are integral to the responsible care of cats. These veterinary reference books will provide needed help and support for the concerned cat owner.

Cats' Blood Tests

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