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Cat Humor

Let's face it: being owned by a cat is an experience that will either arouse tears or laughter, and those of us who are really addicted find survival in humor. Of course, the cats take all this attention very seriously.

You know you're kitty-whipped when - - -
Join the discussion about kitty-whipped cat slaves by completing this sentence: 'You realize you're kitty-whipped when. . .

For Cats' Eyes Only - How Do You Care for Your Human - Share Your Fav…
Martine Carlsen, Guest Author, helped her two cats key out an article on How to Care for Your Human. It contains interesting suggestions for eliminating feline boredom while keeping your human physically and mentally fit. Try out litter box art, for example. Or creative barfing. At the end of the article, there's a tool where you can share your own creative advice.

How to Care for Your Humans
Guest writer Martine Carlsen contributes an article on Useful Advice for Cats: How to Care for your Human, a humorous, but all too true commentary on the way cats perceive us as pets needing care.

I have a business relationship with Martine Carlsen.

Love Me - Love My Gifts - Cats bearing gifts
Some interesting cat gifts, carried home by the feline hunter of the house, for the pleasure of his doting human slaves.

If you want to stay ahead with your cat, you've just Gotta be Smarter
New evidence that within the framework of communicating with your cat, you've just gotta be smarter than the cat, a postulation that might be difficult to develop, if you're an average cat lover. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a human habittrail.

Best and Worst Cat Stories
Cats have an inimitable way of bringing out the humor in cat lovers, by making us laugh at their antics, and by the way they can make us look foolish at other times. These are the best and worst cat stories I've found, from Cats Forum gleanings, my own experience, and my readers.

Best and Worst Cat Stories - Part 2
I came home from running some errands one day, and instead of running over to greet me like normal, the boys were staring intently at my treadmill...(Part 2 of the Best and Worst Cat Stories Series.)

Confessions of a Kitty-Whipped Slave
The truth of those words can no longer be denied. I am kitty-whipped, and a slave to my cats too; so are Asa and Lance, the two he-men I reside with. We're not especially proud of it; it's not something we'd readily acknowledge in "polite company," but around here, we're among friends, and can confess to our slavedom.

How to Human-Proof a Cat House - Tips from the Kitty Net
How to Human-Proof a Cat House includes ways of arranging a cat house so that the humans in it know without a doubt that the cats are boss of the house. Here are tips from the Kitty Net on making your home a cat house.

Feng Shui for Cats
Your Guide experiments with a little Feng Shui for Cats to help Bubba adjust to being an indoors-only cat. Bubba thinks good Ch'i is okay, as long as he still eats regularly.

Love Me, Love my Gifts
Does your Kitty bring you strange and wonderful gifts? Consider yourself blessed.

You Just Don't Understand!
Having problems communicating with your cat? Shannon gives you some useful tips.

Arthur, the Wonder Cat
Arthur finds hitherto unknown defenses as she is stalked by a monster of her own making.

You've Gotta Be Smarter
Ever feel like you're in a "Human Habittrail" for the personal entertainment of your cat? Here's one cat's "open door policy".

Food Fight!
Shannon wins the battle of wills in his never-ending quest for feeding face.

Cats Being Cats
If you're like most cat lovers, you are inclined to assign human attributes to your feline companions. Do cats really think and respond with human emotions?

Misty-- Secret Agent Cat
Somewhere in the southwestern deserts of the United States, a cat with the code name, Misty provides vital defense assistance to the government. A guest feature article, by BalletCatter, Misty's trainer and handler.

A Friday Kind of Love
Lazy thoughts on a rainy Friday morning.

The Imprint of Cat Lovers
Are you wondering what separates a cat owner from a cat lover? Take this enlightening test and rate yourself.

Just Another Day...
Just another day in the life of human owned by a demanding cat.

Purrfect Pet
Take this little test to see how your cat stacks up.

Shannon's 7th Life
Shannon gets his human's attention once again, in a dramatic way with a death-defying feat, using up yet another life.

When in Doubt, Wash!
There is nothing more relaxing, and sometimes more amusing, than watching a furball at her bath.

Where's A Cat When You Need One?
Furry ingrates run roughshod over grievously ill human.

Cat Humor - The Funny Side of Cats
Cat Humor purrs along in this cuddly, funny side of cats collection, including B. Kliban Cats, Cat Boxing, and Kitty Porn, from Mike Durrett, About's Guide to Humor.

How I Human-Proofed my Cat House
Attention cats! Have you been successful in human-proofing your cat house to make it truly yours? Are you now the acknowledged Master of your cat house, instead of getting just lip service from your humoms and pops? Are they groveling at your paws to serve you? You can provide a great service to other cats on the Kitty 'Net by sharing your best tips for human-proofing a cat house. See submissions

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