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Cat Litter Choices

Including premium cat litter and specialty cat litter for specific purposes


The type of cat litter for the litter box is critical to the success of litter box training. Your cat will be most interested in the smell and texture of the substrate (litter). Your concerns may be safety of use, scoopability, disposability, associated dust (allergies), and odor control. The bottom line, of course, is "will your cat use it?" This list includes non-clay scoopable "natural litters" as well as certainly clay-based "specialty" litters and litters made from other substrates. Note: I do not recommend flushing flushable litters. Read this article for more information.

Tidy Cats Breeze Litter System

Photo of Large Cat Using Breeze Litter System
Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

Although technically, this is a whole "system" of litter box, I consider it of prominent enough attention to include it with cat litters. We have personally been using two Breeze Litter Systems for well over a year, in addition to three regular litter boxes, with World's Best.

Breeze utilized a unique system, in that the urine filters through the pellets into a separate pad-lined tray in a compartment under the box. As long as the solid waste is regularly scooped, and the pad in the tray is changed regularly, there is virtually no odor. The latter is the key. Although some users report only having to change the pad every six days or longer, my cats generate a lot of pee, and four days is about the maximum.

World's Best Cat Litter

World's Best Cat Litter
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber

Except for its price, World's Best Cat Litter live up to its name. Except for occasional testing purposes, I have used no other litter for years, and my cats love it. Made of whole kernel corn, this litter is virtually dust-free, and clumps exceedingly well, so it can be safely used in automatic litter boxes

The clumps do not stick to the bottom and sides of the box, which is a complaint often voiced about other litters. The natural corn odor is mild and unobjectionable. Regular scooping keeps the box relatively odor-free, so that the box doesn't need to be completely changed out often, mitigating the initial costs.

A potential downside is the possibility of aflatoxin fungus. Please read my review for more information and cautions.

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SwheatScoop Wheat Litter

SwheatScoop wheat litter is perfect for cat owners who are looking for an alternative to clumping clay litters. This litter is scoopable and biodegradable - an environmentally friendly option for your cat. I have read a few complaints about the tendency of wet SwheatScoop litter to stick to the bottoms and sides of plastic litter boxes. Some readers spray the boxes with vegetable oil to prevent this from happening.
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Feline Pine

Feline Pine is made of natural pine pellets, and is dust free (a boon to asthmatics and their cats), non-tracking, and flushable. It's economical too, as the litter only needs changing when the pellets have dissolved - about every two weeks, on average. Feline Pine is non-clumpable, and some cats may find the pellets uncomfortable on their feet.

ConsumerSearch.com ranks Feline Pine the Best Biodegradable Litter. I personally would question the practice of flushing used Feline Pine down the toilet.

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Pet Ecology Perfect Litter Alert

Pet Ecology manufactures its Perfect LitterTM Alert with a proprietary blend of lightweight biodegradable substrate combined with an odor control called "Eco de Odor." Anyone who has tried to heft heavy bags of clay litter will appreciate the benefits of a light weight product. This one advertises to be one-seventh the weight of ordinary clay litter.

The added fillip, one which will be attractive to cat owners with cats susceptible to lower urinary tract disorders, is the addition of a special pH indicator which causes the litter to turn pinkish incrementally when the urine pH rises - the brighter the pink, the more serious the problem.

When I tested the product one of my cats was suspected of having FLUTD. be sure to read my review to see the results of my test of this product.

Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Cat Litter

Sometimes for one reason or another, cats begin to avoid the use of their litter box, or a previously outdoor cat needs to be trained to the use of a litter box. Cat Attract was developed by a feline-only veterinarian as a "training litter." This litter contains a natural herb "attractant" that piques a cat's curiosity in the litter.

Although it is a clumping clay litter, it has been found to be very useful in retraining cats to the litter box. I would use it temporarily for that purpose.

Read ConsumerSearch.com's analysis of Dr. Elsey's Cat Attract Litter.

Nature's Miracle Odor Control Clumping Cat Litter

Nature's Miracle Cat Litter
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
This cat litter offers the best of both worlds: hard-clumping corn-based litter, combined with the enzyme action of well-respected Nature's Miracle, for "litter-ally odor" free litter boxes.
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Yesterday's News

Aptly named, Yesterday's News cat litter is made of recycled crumbled paper pellets, and is biodegradable, flushable, and environmentally friendly, but non-clumping. Its softer texture is more comfortable for some cats, and it is suitable for cats who have sore paws from recent declawing.
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Tidy Cat Antimicrobial Agent Control Cat Litter

Tidy Cats Antimicrobial Cat Litter
Photo Credit: Courtesy of PriceGrabber
Tidy Cat comes in a convenient plastic "jug" with a handle for ease of use. It is a clay-based litter, which may be problematical for asthmatic cats or humans. Clumping clay litter also carries potential hazards for kittens because of their propensity of exploring everything (including their litter box) with their mouths.

The advantage of Tidy Cat Antimicrobial litter is that it contains an antimicrobial agent for controlling odor-causing bacteria, a plus especially for small households.

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Arm and Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter

I am presently testing Arm & Hammer Odor Alert Cat Litter in one of my three cats' six litter boxes. I started the test by sprinkling about an inch of the product on top of the previously scooped World's Best Cat Litter, which we routinely use. The pleasant scent was the first thing I noticed, along with the light blue granules, which are concentrated clumps of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda. The granules turn a darker blue when urine hits them, and the litter clumps firmly. Even with a clump of combined substrates, I noticed the World's Best dropping a few flakes back into the box, while the Arm and & Hammer part of the clump remained firm. As with other clumping clay litters, some precautions should be observed.

My review is pending.

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Fresh Air Cat Litter System

Photo of Fresh Air Cat Litter System
Photo Credit: © PetLoo.com

Fresh Air Cat Litter was first marketed in the fall of 2012, and I tested it for review in September. It falls under the classification of specialty litters, as its manufacturer, ThePetLoo.com markets the litter system as being superior to other premium cat litters for odor control, by a specially designed carbon pad (litter box liner) designed to neutralize the ammonia odor.

I tested two versions of the litter over a period of three weeks in September, 2012, and my review is based on the second version.

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