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Reasons to Adopt an Older Cat


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Consider a Young Adult Cat with Smaller Children
Picture of Fluffy, a rescued young adult cat

A Young Adult Cat is a Good Match for a Home With Small Children

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Fluffy is an example of last year's kittens who often turn into this year's unwanted adult cat languishing in a shelter. In his case, he was lucky because a caring person rescued him (after months of failed attempts), patched him up and gave him a home.

A young adult cat would be perfect for a home with smaller children, or for a younger working single or couple who need to leave a cat unattended during the day. Let's face it: little kids are often much too rough with kittens, and kittens become bored and mischievous when left home alone day after day. There's also too much chance of their harming themselves in even the most kitten-safe home.

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