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Photo Tour: Tony LaRussa's ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)


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ARF Cat Waiting for Adoption: Photo Tour of ARF Page 5
ARF kitty playing

ARF rescued kitty plays while he waits for a home

Franny Syufy
The front and right sides of the Multi-Use Hall are filled with glass-walled housing for cats awaiting adoption. Each homey room contains one or more specially-designed cat trees, a litter box and food and water dishes. The entire facility is spotless and odorless, thanks to the continual maintenance of caring volunteers and staff. This kitty was oblivious to the camera. He was having too much fun with his toy. Still, I know that he will eventually be happier, ensconced in his very own "forever home."

ARF obtains most of its animals for adoption from public "kill" shelters. Those who have "run out of time," e.g., scheduled for euthanasia, receive the highest priority. ARF's adoptable cats and dogs are never put to death to make more room. Instead, as they are adopted to loving homes, more shelter animals are rescued to replace them.

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