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Photo Tour: Tony LaRussa's ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation)


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ARF's Learning Center

ARF volunteer demonstrates human-sized "scratching post."

Franny Syufy
Among their many wonderful community programs, ARF's Learning Center is one of the best, as being the first hands-on museums connected with an animal adoption center. Trained docents offer a 90-minute program, designed to teach children responsible ownership of pets, as well as how to care for pet. The "Walk in my Paws" portion of the program is particularly delightful, and gives kids a real-life experience of the world from a cat's or dog's viewpoint. The volunteer in the photos is demonstrating her scratching skills at the human-sized scratching post. The oversized electrical wall socket is about the same size as seen from a cat's viewpoints, and human-sized food and water bowls complete the lesson. Out of sight, behind the screen (as fitting), is a human-sized litter box. I kid you not!

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