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Aggressive Behavior in Cats

Aggression in cats takes many forms and can stem from many causes, including fear. These helpful articles will help you find the cause and cure for aggressive behavior such as fighting, biting and scratching, and return peace to your household.
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Inter-Cat Aggression
Inter-cat aggression can be caused by a decrease in individual space, usually due to overcrowding, or because a new cat has been brought into the household. It can also be due an illness or a disruption in the household, such as moving or hospitalization of one of the cats. Learn more about aggression between cats sharing a household with this article by PetMD.com for About.com.

Help me handle this new aggression between my cats - Behavior FAQ
Cats Behavior FAQ: Guide answers question about controlling redirected aggression among cats in a household.

Cat Aggression: Stop Cat Bites
This article explains cat aggression and 9 tips to stop cat bites. Read how to use 9 tips to stop cat bites and cat aggression.

Cat Aggression: How to Stop
This article on cat aggression explains how to stop a cat fight. Read this article to learn how to stop a cat fight and deal with cat aggression.

Cat Aggression: Common Causes
Read this cat aggression article for 11 common causes of cat aggression. Learn to prevent cat aggression by understanding these 11 common causes of cat aggression.

Cat Aggression: Cat Fight
Refer to this cat aggression article about cat fights to stop intercat aggression. Learn how to stop a cat fight and prevent intercat aggression in this how-to article about cat aggression.

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