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Allergies and Cats : Coexisting in Peace

Cat lovers with hay fever, asthma, or other allergies will do almost anything to be able to keep a cat in their lives. Although tricky, this is a dilemma which can sometimes be managed successfully.

Allergic to Cats
Do you or family members have allergies involving cats? You may be interested to know that you don't necessarily have to give up your cats because of allergies. Thousands of victims of hay fever, asthma, and other allergies are able to cope with their allergies while living with the cats they love. These articles and features can help.

Do You Long to Adopt a Cat, But Are Allergic to Them"
Although some people avoid cats because they fear or dislike them, there is hope for those who avoid cats because of fear of allergic reactions. Here is a step-by-step process for helping to control your allergy symptoms while enjoying the lifelong companionship of a cat. Yes, you can adopt a cat, despite your allergies.

How to Live with Cats and Allergy
A 10-step how-to on peacefully co-existing with your cats and with allergies too.

Top Ten Steps for Reducing Allergies to Cats
Top Ten Steps for Reducing Allergies to Cats by guest writer Mercia Tapping.

What is cat dander and why is it a threat to humans with allergies?
Cat dander remains a mystery to some people and poses a threat to those of us who suffer from allergies. Here are the details on what cat dander is, the mystery of Fel D1, and how and why it affects allergy victims.

Potential Cat Breeds for Cat Allergies
A reader who is allergic to cats inquired which breeds might be least allergenic. Although no cat breed has been scientifically proven to be hypoallergenic , there are anecdotal reports that a few breeds may be less allergenic, either because of the type of coats they wear, or because they produce less of the protein (Feld 1) wh

Is there a non-allergenic cat my husband can live with?
Question and answer about the possibilities of having cats when one has allergies. FAQ about cats.

How can I help my visitors who are allergic to cats?
How cac you help your visitors who are allergic to cats, when you have cats in the house? It isn't impossible to have the cats you love and still be able to entertain friends who are allergic to them. Follow these steps to help ensure your visitors are comfortable, while keeping your cats happy too.

Products for controlling Symptoms of Allergies to Cats
If you love cats but are allergic to cats, you need all the help you can get in controlling your allergy symptoms. These are my top picks of products to help if you are allergic to cats.

Allergic to Cats
About Allergy Guide, Judy Tidwell, discusses symptoms, prevention, and treatment of allergies to felines.

Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds - Do you have a purebred cat that does not …
Several breeds of cats are said to be 'hypoallergenic,' including the Rex breeds, the Sphynx cat, and the Siberian breed. Cat owners have also claimed that certain other breeds of cats do not trigger their allergic symptoms. Do you own a breed of cat that you consider to be hypoallergenic? Here is your chance to tell other cat lovers.

Allergic to Cats, But Still Live With Them - Share your stories
While some people successfully co-exist with their cats despite being allergic to them, others are unable to tolerate cat allergens. If you are one of the fortunate few, share your success stories with other allergic cat lovers. Do you take any special precautions? Are your cats forbidden to enter certain areas of your home? Your stories may help other readers.

Allergy Buyers' Club
An excellent site that reviews and recommends various products for allergy relief.

Cat Allergy
The Auckland Allergy Clinic lists several ways of dealing with various allergies to cats.

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