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Amy Shojai, CABC: Cat Behavior Expert

Former Contributing Writer on Cat Behavior, Amy Shojai, contributed a legacy of valuable information, guidance, and better understanding of all aspects of cat behavior. I encourage readers to check the index for the type of behavior you need help with, or make use of Amy's H.I.S.S. questionnaire for solving behavioral problems in cats, since you know them best.
  1. Fear, Stress, and Anxiety in Cats (10)
  2. Cat Litter Box Issues (12)
  3. Introducing Cats (7)
  4. Cat Behavior Modification (12)
  5. Cat Aggression (17)
  6. Ask Amy (40)

Mirror Cat
Read this cat in the mirror article about how cats react to their mirror cat reflection, and learn how to soothe upset cat behavior in this article by Amy Shojai

Cat Sex
This article explains cat sex, explains cats in heat and reproduction behavior, with tips how to solve cat behavior problems. Learn how to solve cat sex behavior problems in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for Cats.About.com.

Cat Behavior: 12 Weird Cat Behaviors Explained
Read this article about 12 weird cat behaviors as cat communication, and what they mean. Learn why cats perform these weird cat behaviors, and how they use them to communicate.

Cat Phone Fanatics
Learn why cats love phones and act like a jealous cat, with this cat phone article on cat behavior by Amy Shojai, CABC.

"Won Ton," by Lee Wardlaw and Eugene Yelchin
Read this book review of the childen's book Won Ton by Lee Wardlaw and Eugene Yelchin to learn about cat adoption.

Naughty No More, by Marilyn Krieger
Read this book review of Naughty No More by Marilyn Krieger to learn about normal cat behavior and solving behavior problems with clicker training.

Flehmen aka Flehmen Response
Read this cat behavior article about flehmen, and cat scenting cat pheromones. Learn how cats use flehman cat behavior to smell cat pheromones in this article about cat scenting.

Cat Paws: Why Do Cats Knead?
Read this article about cat behavior to learn about cat paws, why cats knead, and rear paw treading behavior. This article explains why cats knead, and describes cat rear paw treading behavior used in cat play, cat breeding and cat potty behavior.

Preventing Cat Escape
Learn 8 tips to stop door dashing cats in this cat behavior article on how to prevent cat door escapes.

Cats Eating Grass
Learn why cats eat grass in this cat behavior article about cats eating grass. This article explains that some cats like eating grass, and why cats eat grass.

Cat Behavior: Cats Cover Food
This cat behavior article explains why cats cover food. Learn why cats make covering motions around the food bowl in this cat behavior article.

Cat Talk: Cat Eye Blink
Read this cat behavior article to learn about cats eyes and eye blinking cat kisses. This cat talk article explains how they use their eyes to send messages.

Cat Behavior: Cat Color
Read this cat behavior article about cat color and whether it influences cat personality. Learn how cat color can indicate cat personality and cat behavior.

Cat Talk: Cat Butt Presentation
Read this cat talk article to learn why cats show their butts to humans and what cat butt communication means. This article explains cat talk and what cat tail sniffing and cat butt presentation means.

Cat Talk: Cat Bunting Behavior
Learn about cat bunting, cat behavior, and cat rubbing body language in this cat talk article by Amy Shojai, cats.About.com behavior contributing writer.

Cat Talk: Elevator Butt
Learn how cats talk using elevator butt posture when they stick their cat butts in the air in this this article about cat communication. Read this article to understand what elevator butt means when cats stick their cat tails in the air.

Cat Repellent
Prevent indoor cat behavior problems by keeping stray cats away with these 10 cat repellent tips.

Cat Fetch
Refer to this article to learn 5 tips for training cat fetch. This article explains why cats fetch and how to teach cats to play feline fetch.

Cat Rolling
Read this article by cats.About.com behavior contributor Amy Shojai to learn why cats roll why cats seek attention with cat rolling behavior.

Cat Attention: How To Pet A Cat
Learn why cats play kitty keep way when owners try to pet them in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC the cats.About.com contributing writer.

Kittens: Socializing Kittens
Refer to this kitten training article about 8 reasons to socialize kittens, and improve cats emotional health.

Ask Amy: Cat Grooming
Read this Ask Amy column to learn why cat grooming can target owner's hair. Learn about cat grooming, and why cats groom owner's hair, and what to do.

Cat Gifts - 9 Cat Gifts Over 25 Dollars
It doesn't have to be Christmas or the cat's birthday or "gotcha-day" to give cat gifts. When you're on a budget and want to keep the gift under $25, there are many great options that help with your cat's health and behavior. But oftentimes, products that cost over $25 also offer higher value, and may even be a one-time purchase that last for...

Pet Therapy Jacket
Amy Shojai, cats.About.com contributing writer, reviews the Pet Therapy Jacket for cold and heat therapy. Read this review of the Pet Therapy Jacket for easy cat arthritis treatment using heat therapy and cold therapy.

SturdiBag Flexible Height Pet Carrier
Read this review of the SturdiBag Pet Carrier to learn about pet carriers, pet travel, and safe pet containment during travel. Amy Shojai contributing behavior writer for cats.About.com reviews the SturdiBag Pet Carrier for pet travel.

SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap
Learn how the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap works with your cat's microchip to keep unwelcome animals out and allow your cat in. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap can be used to manage cattery, shelter, and multiple pet households by installing in internal walls, windows and doors.

Holiday Pet - Cool Cat - Cat Holiday Tips
Sharing our home and hearts with cats to many of us means kitty is a holiday pet and for a "cool cat" we celebrate our love every day of the year. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year's, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Easter (you get the idea!), these articles offer helpful guidance to ensure the celebration remains...

Cat Treats for the Holidays
Amy Shojai provides 12 holiday safety tips about safe cat treats and how to offer your cat holiday treats.

Pets As Gifts
Before you buy a cat as a gift, read this article and learn tips that explain the best way to give cats as gifts.

Cat Gifts
Read this article about 15 cat gifts under $25, and how to make homemade cat toys and gifts. This article describes favorite inexpensive cat gifts that are helpful for cat behavior, cat training and cat health.

Cat Proof Holidays: 10 Holiday Safety Tips
Cat proof your holiday and protect your Christmas tree by following these 10 holiday pet safety tips. This article by Amy Shojai, behavior expert for About.com Cats, provides 10 holiday pet safety tips to cat proof your holiday.

Pet Travel - Cat Behavior - Cat Travel
Does your pet travel, or does cat behavior leave no doubt Kitty is a homebody? Whether you plan to hit the road with your feline on a regular basis, or must travel with or without cats only rarely, kitty correct travel tips save a lot of heartache. Refer to these 6 cat behavior articles covering ways to travel (or stay at home) while keeping...

Cat Travel: Cats and Pet Friendly Hotels
Read this article to learn how to prepare cats for pet friendly hotel stays. Learn about traveling with cats and finding pet friendly hotels while vacationing with cats.

Cat Travel: Flying With Cats
Read these tips for how to travel with cats on airplanes. This article explains cat travel, and tips for flying with cats on pet airlines.

Cat Travel: Cat Car Travel
Read this article from Amy Shojai, CABC, about cat travel to learn 8 tips to prepare cats for traveling in the car and vacationing with cats.

Vacations and Cat Behavior Problems
Read this article on vacations and cat behavior problems to learn 7 tips for soothing vacation stress in cats. Discover why cats develop litter box problems and other cat behavior problems during vacations, and how to solve cat stress while owners are away. These 7 tips help prevent cat behavior problems while owners are on vacation, and...

Cat Talk: Cat Language Explained
Cat talk and cat language puzzles us. Cats have been regarded for centuries as mysterious, solitary, unpredictable creatures because we can t understand what they're saying. But savvy cat owners can decipher cat language. While people rely primarily on speech to communicate, felinese is predominately a silent language. Cats speak by using complex combinations of sign language, vocalization and s…

Cat Talk: Cat Purring
Learn about why and how do cats purr in this article to better understand purring cats. Find out about cat sounds and variations on purring in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC.

Learn how to stop excessive meowing. Understand what meowing means. Translate meowing and what your cat wants with this behavior article by Amy Shojai, CABC for About.com.

Cat Talk: Cat Body Language
Refer to this cat body language article to understand how cats talk using body language. Learn how cats communicate using cat body posture and body language. This article explains ways cats talk with other cats and people using body language.

Cat Language
Understand cat language and what cat tails mean. Refer to this article to learn how to translate cat tail positions, and why dogs may misinterpret various cat tail talk. Learn more about how cats communicate with their tails with this article by Amy Shojai, CABC for About.com.

Cat Talk: Eyes
Refer to this cat talk article to understand cat eyes. Understand how cats talk with their eyes. Cat eyes and cat talk is explained in this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, about understanding cat eyes.

Cat Talk
Learn cat talk and about cats talking with their ears. This article explains cat talk and understanding cat ears. Learn how cat communication can be expressed with cat ears.

Cat Talk: Cat Fur Talk
Refer to this cat talk article to understand cat fur talk. Learn how cats talk with fur position. Understand ways cat whiskers and cat fur communicate.

Cat Talk: Cat Smell Communication
Learn how cats use cat smell to communicate. Understand how cats talk with scent. This article explains cat smell language of scratching, urine and bunting cat behavior.

Gift Giving Cats
Learn why gift giving cats bring owners hunting gifts. This article explains why cats bring hunting prizes and toys to owners.

How to Love Cats
Kitten adoption doesn't include instructions on how to love cats. But how do you show your cats you love them? What sort of mother love does your fur-kid want? To our cats, we are surrogate parents so every day is Mother's Day. As responsible cat-moms, look for the best way to show kitty kids how much you love them.

Cats' Grief Over Pet Loss
This article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com, explains pet loss and pet grief. Learn how to help pets cope with pet death and grief. Learn how cats grieve, and ways to help them.

Memorializing Cats
This article discusses how we can honor the memory of special pets; how to make loving choices; and the ultimate tribute: of creating a legacy to your lost cat by adopting another pet. Understand grieving and how to memorialize the death of a cat.

Cat Grooming
This article explains cat grooming and understanding why cats groom. Learn how and why cats groom in this article on cat behavior about grooming, mutual grooming, over-grooming, and displacement grooming.

Cat Bath Advice
Follow this cat bath advice to learn cat behavior tips for cat grooming. Learn how to groom cats and bathe cats using cat behavior tips.

Cat Sleep
Read this cat sleep article for understanding your sleepy cat. Learn about sleep cycles of cats, how cats sleep, do cats dream, and why they sleep so much in this cat sleep article.

Deaf Cat: How to Help
Learn about deaf cats and how to help a deaf cat in this article about deaf cats. This article about deaf cats explains 5 ways to help a deaf cat.

Blind Cat - How to Help
Refer to this blind cat article to learn 8 ways to help a blind cat. Learn how to help blind cats with these 8 tips for helping a blind cat.

The H.I.S.S. Test
Use the H.I.S.S. Test to identify causes of cat behavior problems and solve them. Solve cat behavior problems using the H.I.S.S. Test, as described by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com readers. Find out why cats behave badly using the H.I.S.S.Test.

How to Prevent Cat Problems
Learn how to prevent cat problems using behavior tips to create your perfect cat. Read this how-to article for how to choose, train, and prevent cat behavior problems.

Cat Trees and Cat Toys
Learn how to make cat trees and cat toys with this article from Amy Shojai, CABC for About.com. Homemade cat trees and cat toys are economical and satisfy cats. Cats prefer "cheap thrills" of homemade cat trees and cat toys.

Kittens: Home Safety Tips
Read this how-to article for kittens home safety tips and kitten proofing your home. Learn how to kitten proof your home to keep kittens safe.

Cat Training to Crate
Refer to this article to learn about cat training to crate. This how-to article teaches 10 tips for cat crate training.

Cat Leash Training
This how-to article explains cat leash training. Learn how to leash train your cat in this how-to article on cat training.

Cat Training
Learn how to train cats with clicker training with this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com. Refer to this cat training article to learn how to clicker train your cats. Teach cats tricks and solve cat behavior problems using clicker training.

Cat Training for "Top Cats"
Read this cat training article to learn how to keep cats off counters. You can learn to keep cats off counters with this cat training article.

This article explains catnip, and how it affects cats. Read this article about catnip to learn how to use catnip to train cats. Catnip can help build cat confidence-this article by Amy Shojai, CABC, for About.com explains how.

Cats Training: Music Therapy
Learn to train cats with music therapy. This article teaches how to solve cat behavior problems with music.

Choosing the Right Bach Flower Essence
Bach Flower Remedies were designed for people, but holistic veterinarians have used them for more than 50 years. Pets are not people, though. We don t know if they share the same emotions. Even though we may think cats feel similar emotional states, ascribing human emotions to them can cause problems if we guess wrong. Since the 38 Bach Flower Remedies are harmless, choosing wrong won t hurt you…

Bach Flower Remedies
Learn about Bach Flower Remedies and how to use them in this detailed article by Amy Shojai, CABC for About.com Cats. You'll find out what cat anxieties Bach Flower Remedies help treat in this article.

Review: EZ-Groomer for Cat Fur Solutions
This review by Amy Shojai, CABC, discusses the EZ-Groomer and cat fur problems. Refer to this review to learn about EZ-Groomer, for cat shedding and matted cat fur solutions.

Kong Cat Toys
Cat toys and kitten play delights owners and pets alike. The best toys stand up to teeth and claws, and appeal to all the senses. They must be small and light enough to move with the flick of a paw-swipe. The motion keeps kitty eyes glued to the target--cats key on motion. Further, a rattling or crackling mimic prey sounds. Add scent, like a catnip center, and your cat will be in love. Kong Comp…

Interactive Cat Toys: Neko Flies
This review of interactive cat toys by Amy Shojai, CABC, discusses Neko Flies cats toys. Learn about Neko Flies cats toys in this review of the interactive cat toy.

Why We Love Them So, by Father Paul A. Keenan
Amy Shojai, contributing writer for cats.About.com reviews the book Why We Love Them So, Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend. Read a review of Father Paul Kennan's book, Why We Love Them So, Surviving the Loss of an Animal Friend to learn about stages of grief and pet loss.

Orphans of Katrina, by Karen O'Toole
Read this book review to learn about Orphans of Katrina, a book about the rescue of the pets of Hurricane Katrina. This book review describes the world's biggest animal rescue presented by author Karen O'Toole in Orphans of Katrina.

Cat Play
Amy Shojai answers cat play and cat toy questions about how cats play in this article on cat play. Refer to this article on cat play to learn how cats play with cat toys.

Cat Toys
Refer to this article to learn about cat toys and how cats play. Learn what toys cats prefer when cats play by reading this article on cat toys and cat play.

Cat Aggression: Common Types
Cat aggression has many faces. Dealing with cat aggression goes beyond stopping cat fights. Understanding and identifying the different types...

Ask Amy: Pica - Chewing Plastic
Refer to this Ask Amy article about pica to learn why cats chew plastic and eat inedible objects. Learn about pica and why cats chew plastic in this Ask Amy column.

Cat Travel, Cat Boarding or Cat Sitter
Read this article by Amy Shojai to learn about cat travel, cat boarding, and cat sitters and whether you should take your cat on vacation or leave your cat at home.

Happy Cat: Is My Cat Happy?
As concerned "cat parents" we all want happy cats, and yet often question-is my cat happy? Although every feline is an individual and, like humans, may show happiness in different ways, there are some pretty universal happy cat clues. Learn what cat body language, cat communication, and cat behavior indicates a happy cat.

Sad Cat: Is My Cat Sad?
Refer to this Amy Shojai cat behavior article to learn about your sad cat and understand how to know if a cat is sad. Answer the question, is my cat sad, with this cat behavior article about understanding sad cat behavior.

Toddlers: Introducing New Cats
Refer to this article on toddlers and introducing cats to toddlers to learn how to build loving pet and toddler relationships.

Old Cat: Litter Box Problems
Refer to this Amy Shojai cat behavior article about old cat litter box problems. Cats that tolerated less than stellar potties as youngsters may snub the box if it's not pristine, or look for other places to "do their duty" when disturbed during the process. Read this cat behavior article for 7 tips for solving old cat litter box issues.

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