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Interactive Cat Toys: Neko Flies

The Purr-fect Cat Toy!

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Seren with the Katarantula

Seren with the Karantula--her favorite!

Photo Credit: © Amy Shojai, CABC

Cats and kittens adore cat toys, and a favorite game is to chase and capture. Fishing pole style toys abound, and are tops on my list for recommendations. This style lure toy works great with behavior modification techniques to build confidence in shy cats, exercise couch potato felines, and help kitty associate fun activities with otherwise unpleasant or fearful experiences.

While a string or ribbon pulled along the ground may entice kittens, adult cats in my experience take a bit more enticement. Something that looks and moves similar to live critters get the highest paw-marks. Neko Flies are the cats' meow!

Cat Toys--It's Swat Cats Want!

The president of Nekochan, a multiple cat owner, designed the toys to meet the exercise and play needs of cats and owners. The wand comes in two sizes (long and short) and is durable with a braided chord and interchangeable buggy lures. The "flies" range from small to jumbo, and are designed to withstand attention from even the biggest bruiser cat.

The "flies" are realistic, light weight, and move easily through the air. These are not "tug toys" but rather lures to entice your cat to chase and bat at the target. The designs vary from rather delicate looking bugs to sturdier mouse lures. My cat Seren went absolutely nuts for the toy! She did have her favorite, as I'm sure other cats will have preferences. The interchangeable options and replaceable lures make Neko Flies my new favorite.



Similar shape to a cicada, colorful and alluring.

Photo Credit: © Amy Shojai, CABC

With long trailing threadlike "legs" this bug looks like it scurries along the floor, and drives Seren nuts. The bumblebee-size body is tough enough to take some chewing, and the long cord and wand allow for long-distance chase games and lots of great exercise for kitty.


This bug also has long trailing legs, but with the added pheasant feather tail, it flutters through the air for leaps and pounces. This was Seren's second-favorite of the group. The Kittycada also comes with a long cord for long distance games.



The Kragonfly with translucent wings, has a shorter-length string and pole than the others.

Photo Credit: © Amy Shojai, CABC

The Kragonfly fascinated Seren but she wasn't interested in chasing or playing with it. I suspect the sheer wings and light green legs may have been more difficult to see. But on its short cord, with a short wand, this bug is perfect for batting-practice with kittens.

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