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Cat Photo Albums Previously Published

With more than a score of cat photo albums and cat picture galleries, the previously published cat photo albums are being archived here. Enjoy these cat photos published over the years.

Bi-Color Cats Picture Gallery - JuneCalendar
Just as May was for black and white Tuxedo cats, June is symbolized by all other bi-colors, with the accent on the white. (Think of a June bride in white, standing out among her bridesmaids dressed in colors.) Enjoy these by-colored cat pictures submitted by our readers.

Silver/Blue Cats Picture Gallery - January Calendar
Although December marks the start of Winter, January epitomizes that season with snow, sleet, and ice. The Color of the Month for January is silver and blue cats, reflecting the colors of icicles hanging from the roof, and frozen ponds.

White Cats Picture Gallery - February Calendar
February is the last big push of winter, and represents the glistening snow that blankets the budding crocuses beneath. You won't feel cold at all, though, with a white February cat to warm your heart and your lap.

Men With Their Cats
These photos dispel old stereotypes that "real men don't like cats," with pages of pictures of men schmoozing with their feline buddies.

Kids and Cats
Kids who are taught love and respect for cats will grow up to make a difference for the animal kingdom. These pictures show kids who have made a head start.

Polydactyl aka Hemingway Cats Photo Album
Cats Photo Album Index - photos of polydactyl AKA Hemingway cats, submitted by readers of About Cats.

Siamese Cats Photo Album
The popularity of Siamese cats has zoomed since the King of Siam first gave two pairs of Siamese cats to the English consul-general in Bangkok, and he brought them home to England. You'll see photos of both the "new" Siamese and the more traditional "Meezers" in this gallery.

Bengal Cats Picture Album
About Cats Bengal Cats Picture Album Index. You may also submit pictures of your own Bengal cats.

Maine Coon Cat Photo Album Index
Equally at home with children, dogs, or older persons, the Maine Coon is an ideal pet, handily earning its status as the second most popular breed in America, as well as it's fond nickname, "The Gentle Giant." After you've seen these Maine Coon photos, you may agree that they are irresistible.

Two Kittens Picture Gallery - Kittens Picture Album Index
Two Kittens Picture Gallery Index - When adopting kittens, two kittens are better than one, as these kitten pictures prove.

Just Kittens Photo Album - Kitten Photos Index
Cats Picture Album Index - pictures of kittens of all ages, colors, and sizes. You can submit your own kitten picture to this picture album.

Cats Picture Calendar - August - Pointed Cats
August is reserved for the very popular pointed pattern cats, such as Siamese, Himalayans, Ragdolls, and mixes thereof. Here are photos of gorgeous pointed pattern cats submitted by About Cats readers for your pleasure.

March Tabby Cats Photo Album
March marks the first month of Spring, when the earth is rich with promises of things to be. Tabby cats are almost as old as Mother earth herself, and are the epitome of Catness in all its wonder and glory. This month we salute our Tabby Cat friends as the cats for March with dozens of pictures of Tabbies.

Cats Picture Calendar - November - Tortoiseshell Cats
November is for tortoiseshell ladies, because they are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall. Let's take a stroll through this rainbow of November beauties, each one reminiscent of a pile of maple leaves glowing in the crisp fall air.

Cats Picture Calendar - May - Tuxedo Cats
May is for Tuxedo cats and other black-and-white cats because... well, just because. Maybe for the Spring Prom tuxedos, although I'm sure my readers can figure out some better justifications. Black and white cats are like snowflakes: you'll never see any two with identical markings, but Tuxedos usually have some form of a white "V" on the chest-- very formal and striking.

Cats Picture Calendar - July - Calico Cats
Calico cats represent the brilliant rainbow of colors in a sunny July day. Of all cat color patterns, Calicos are perhaps the loveliest with their tri-colored exuberance. Although most Calicos are females because of genetics, the rare male does sometimes pop up, as you will see in this album.

Cats Picture Calendar - October Black Cats
October has almost always been known as Black Cat Month, and our photo calendar would not be complete without photos of sleek black cats. Here are photos of October cats submitted by About Cats readers for your pleasure.

About Cats Picture Calendar - December - Red Cats
December is for holidays and keeping in touch with friends and loved ones. It's also a great month for snuggling with your cat in front of a crackling fire, particularly if your cat mirrors the colors of the flames. And of course we can't forget that December is red for the color of Christmas stockings and Santa's suit, as well as the color of the flames on Chanukkah candles.

Office Cats Photo Showcase - Index
About Cats Office Cats Photo Album Index, including photos of cats in the office, computer cats, printer cats, and cats holding down desk jobs.

Cats Family Album
From my private photo collection, three picture albums of past and present cats in our household,along with a few extended-family cat photos.

Other Cat Photos from About
Pictures of cats who make their homes with About Guides and other members of the About family.

Centerfold Cats
Photos of cats at their sensual best, posed provocatively, from About Cats readers, the About family of cat lovers, and my own personal files.

Feline Friends of About
No particular category here; just wonderful photos of some very photogenic cats who share hearth and heart with my readers.

Cats and Their "Pets" Photo Album
Cats Picture Album Index - pictures of cats and their pets (dogs, rabbits, fish, and other critters.)

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