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Please Help With Litter Box Problem


Question: Please Help With Litter Box Problem
This situation is simple. My cat has started eliminating outside of her litter box...but it's not done every time she has to go, it's only been twice in the last 3 days. For this I don't think it's a medical problem but I could be wrong. My suspicion is stress but I would really like a second opinion. There have always been three people in my apartment and one has always been home all day; recently one roommate left for the summer and the other two of us are both gone from 9-5 every day.
Answer: Because of space limitations I have had to edit your question, but I will refer to your comments within this reply.

Because you mentioned that your cat is both urinating and defecating outside the box, it may be correct that her problem is not medical. However, if she has not had a recent complete veterinary examination, I'd suggest that first, if only because cats need routine exams, and to remove any lingering doubts that the cause might be physical.

However, since she is sometimes using the box, it's very likely that the stress of her new routine is the cause of her litter box avoidance. You wrote that the (now absent) roommate had been home all day, and your cat probably does feel at loose ends during the day, when she is home alone. Also, the fact that she "snubs" you when you return home seems to point to stress. Although you state that she has lots of toys she plays with, they may not be of the type to hold her interest for any length of time. I wrote a piece about Home-Alone Cats that seems to fit this situation. Also, just for drill, you should review my content on Litter Box avoidance, in case there are other factors present.

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I hope that this will help your kitty with her problems and that she will soon be greeting you with purrs, rather than with her backside.

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