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Cats' Body Language


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Cats Communicate Non-Verbally
picture of cat with fever eyes

Sumner is clearly showing fever eyes, with a temperature of 104 farenheit. Note the third eyelid.

photo © Margaret Schill AKA GalensGranny
We can learn a lot about our cats' temperament, as well as their health at any given time by learning and observing their body language. They may or may not vocalize, but in most cases, cats' body language is unmistakable.

As an example, the "third eyelid," known also as the nictitating membrane , in the inner corner of the eye, normally barely shows. However, when a cat is very sick, the third eyelid will show. Combined with a "glassy look" and other symptoms, the appearance of the third eyelid is an indication, in this case, for immediate veterinary intervention. Sumner, pictured here, had a temperature of 104° and was a very sick cat.

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