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Diary of a Stray Cat's Integration into a Family of Male Cats


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Jennifur, the Stray Cat Who Wanted a Home
Jenny Visits

Jenny Visits

Photo Credit: © Franny Syufy

I first met Jenny in the early Spring of 2007. She was one of several stray cats who were living rough on the street where I live. Still just a kitten, she was shy at first, but when she found it a safe place to eat, with friendly human companionship, she soon made herself at home on our deck.

When I had earlier convinced my husband to adopt two kittens, my original hopes was to find a red male, who would be Jaspurr, and a calico girl to be called Jennifur. When we finally found our Jaspurr, in February of 2002, my husband opted to adopt his littermate brother, who became Joey. By the time Jenny came along, Jaspurr was the well-established alpha cat of our household, Joey next in line, and little Billy, about a year younger completed our male cadre of cats.

Jenny, a little "calitort" was the epitome of my earlier dream, so she logically became "Jennifur."

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