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Birman Cat Profile - Standards - History

The Sacred Cat of Burma has a history shrouded in legends. Solidly built with long silky hair, the Birman is eye-catching in its beauty, and a wonderful pet. Read more to see if a Birman is for you.

Breed Snapshot: Birman
Your shortcut to the most pertinent information on the Birman: its personality, history, and suitability as a pet, from your Cats Guide.

CFA Breed Profile
From Cat Fanciers' Association, an informal description of the breed.

CFA Breed Standard
From Cat Fanciers' Association, standards by which Birmans are judged in the show ring.

TICA Standards: Birman
Standards by which Birman cats are judged in TICA shows. (This is a PDF file.)

Birman FAQ
A wealth of information in addition to the standard FAQs.

Genetic Color Chart for Birman Cats
Compiled by Tom of T-Cin Birmans.

Sacred Cat of Burma Fanciers - Home Page
SCBF is the oldest of the Birman cat clubs in America, and is affiliated with CFA.

Temple of the Sacred Cat of Burma
Katascali Birmans gives great detail about the mystic legends of this ancient breed.

The Birman Homepage
From the Kopriha Cattery, a wealth of information about Birmans

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