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Black Cats, Folklore, and Legends

The black cat throughout the ages, has been the subject (and sometimes the victim) of folklore and legends. Learn more about the history of black cats.

Why I Love Black Cats
While black cats are sometimes feared by people who are not "in the know," others who share their homes with black cats love them unconditionally. If you are in the latter category, or love black cats, but don't currently have one, here's your chance to help educate the public about the value of black cats. A form is provided for your use, and you are encouraged to upload one or two photos of you…

7 Facts About Black Cats
Black cats are usually loved beyond measure or feared beyond reason.

Black Cats Picture Gallery (October)
October has almost always been known as Black Cat Month, and our photo calendar would not be complete without photos of sleek black cats. Here are photos of October cats submitted by About Cats readers for your pleasure. Enjoy the Black Cats Picture Gallery.

Parents Show off Kids' Halloween Cats Drawings
Celebration of Black Cat Month with kids' Show and Tell Halloween Cats drawings for a Show and Tell gallery. Parents may submit drawings by using an easy online form.See submissions

Black Cats Folklore - Witches - Beliefs About Black Cats
Black cats play a major role in folklore, superstition, and mythology. Black cats in the middle ages were believed to be witches' familiars, and some people even believed them to be witches incarnate. Depending on your area of the world, black cats can mean either good or bad luck. Explore the mythology and lore about black cats, witches, and other beliefs that carry on in the 21st century, especially around Halloween.

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