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7 Facts About Black Cats


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Black is Arguably the Most Popular Solid Cat Color
Photo of 4 black kittens

Four Black Kittens

Photo Credit: © Jill Glatman

Since I could find no specific answer when I did a 'Net search on "what is the most popular cat color," I decided to create a short survey on my site. I included the three basic colors (black, red, and white), and added blue, which does appear as a solid color.

With over 100 preliminary votes, black is in the lead, followed closely by blue, and white. This, of course, may change, as time passes.

One thing is beyond denial: People who live with black cats are crazy about them! If you're lucky enough to share a home with a black cat, or you just love black cats in general, share your reasons by using the easy fill-in-the-blanks form linked at the bottom of these pages.

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