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Top 5 Books on Cat Behavior


Cats are mysterious creatures and sometimes their behavior stymies us, because we don't always understand that "behavior problems" are often just our cats' way of telling us of their needs. Professional feline behaviorists have helped us with this understanding, and at least one book on cat behavior is a must in the library of every cat lover. These are my favorite books on cat behavior.

1. The Cat Who Cried for Help

Dr. Nicholas Dodman is a renowned feline behaviorist, and Director of the Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. His style of expertise comes through with compassionate caring, and you'll learn to appreciate the reasons for your kitty's behavior problems, as well as how to help her.

2. Twisted Whiskers

Pam Johnson expands on feline behavior modification in this new book, with an excellent chapter on Bach Flower Essences, expanded chapters on litter box problems and aggression, and a helpful FAQ section in the last chapter.

3. Communicating With Your Cat

J. Anne Helgren is a recognized authority on cat behavior, and the "proof of the pudding" is this book. She lays the groundwork for understanding our feline friends by giving an expansive discussion of the history of their evolution, then moves quickly on to sections on behavior and training. Anne's writing is crisp and palatable, and I think you'll find this book a valuable reference on feline behavior.

4. Think Like a Cat

Pam Johnson-Bennett is a noted feline behaviorist, and her success lies in the fact that she has really learned how to think like a cat, and she shares her knowledge here in a friendly, humorous style. "Think Like a Cat" runs the gamut, from how to choose your first cat to managing your elderly cat.

5. Is Your Cat Crazy?

Dr. John Wright is acknowledged as a leading feline behaviorist, and this book deservedly won the 1995 Cat Writers' Association 1995 award for "Best Instructional Nonfiction Book." An introductory section covers the main behavior problems cat owners encounter, then the book moves on to reinforce that advice with case studies. There is a preponderance of studies on litter box problems, so if that is your main concern, this book is a must-have.

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