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Books With Mostly Cat Pictures

Cat lovers flock to pictures of cats, and these books are filled with page after page of cat photos for your viewing enjoyment. You'll want at least one on your table, for a great pick-me-up.

I Can Has Cheezburger?
It was just a matter of time before the originators of LOL cat decided to capitalize by creating books. The photos in this book are cute enough in themselves, but the clever captions give them new meanings. Even a photo with three sets of glowing cats eyes, becomes a work of art with the caption "Lazer Settings." All in all, I often found this book "spurt-Coke-on-the-monitor" funny. Read the res…

Cat Book by Emily Eve Weinstein
"Cat Book" has a sense of immediacy, which makes you feel as if you were visiting dear friends and their cats.

"Cats in the Sun," by Hans Silvester
With his stunning photography, Silvester created a "Cat Paradise" which he admits exists only within the pages of this book.

"Cats of Cairo," by Lorraine Chittock
The street cats of Cairo are revered, much as ancient cats were in Egypt. Their stunning beauty, as well as their interaction with Cairo's residents, are magically captured within these page.

Happy Birthday the Cat
Birthday is a lovely calico cat, and the artfully staged photos show her growth and development from kittenhood to adult. Her purrsonal stories are enjoyable, but not altogether essential to the pleasures of perusing the book.

Just Cats
Pocket-sized charmer will satisfy your hunger for cat pictures.

Princess Fiona - My Purrsonal Story
When I was honored to write the forward of this little book, I was given only the story, with blanks where the photos would lie. Truthfully, the story alone sold me on the book, and the photos are icing on this sumptious cake.

The Cats House
The concept of designing a house around the comfort of one's feline companions intrigued me enough that I put the book on my "wish list" for the next gift-giving occasion.

What Cats Teach Us by Glenn Dromgoole
You'll want to look at this book again and again, and its portability makes that possible.

Animals in the News
If you're only interested in cats, you'll probably pass this one up; otherwise, it's good for drawing out a few sly smiles or even a belly-laugh or two.

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