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Breeders - Birman

Listing herein of Birman Catteries is a selection by web standards and not to be inferred as a recommendation of the breeders listed. When buying a Birman, conduct your own investigation in person and be prepared to ask and answer many questions.

Birjanji Birmans
A CFA Cattery of Excellence. No information on Birmans, but loads of pictures.

Carraig - Home Page
A large, lovely site from Canada-- lots of gorgeous photos. I could do without the trailing mouse, but that's a matter of taste.

Katascali Birmans
Fantastic site with exceptional cats, which explores the mystic side of Birmans in depth.

Wehnert's Birmaer
Nicely developed site within frames, depicting Birmans in Denmark.

Shenji Birmans
Birmans Down Under, living side-by-side with a Norwegian Forest Cat.

T-Cin Birmans
Loads of lovely kitten photos, and don't miss the hand-wrought show case--elegant!

Taron Birmans
A fine web page and founder of the Birman Ring.

Breed Snapshot: Birman
Your shortcut to the most pertinent information on the Birman: its personality, history, and suitability as a pet, from your Cats Guide.

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