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Picture Gallery of Bengal Cats, Submitted by their Humans


The Bengal combines the exotic look and feel of the small forest-dwelling wild cats they descend from with the dependability and loving temperament of the domestic cat. For a walk on the wild side with an affectionate companion, you can't go wrong with a Bengal. Here are photos of exotic Bengal Cats, courtesy of their human companions.
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Picture of Bengal Cat TobyBengal Cat Picture Gallery: TobyPicture of Metallic Miss, a Bengal CatBengal Cat Picture Gallery: Metallic MissPicture of Millie, a gorgeous Bengal catBengal Cat Picture Gallery: MilliePicture of Savannah, a gorgeous Bengal girlBengal Cat Picture Gallery: Savannah
Picture of Luna, a stunning Bengal girlBengal Cat Picture Gallery: LunaPicture of Hector, a Male Bengal CatBengal Cats Picture Gallery: HectorPicture of Toby, a Bengal KittenBengal Cats Picture Gallery: TobyPicture of Tengu, a Marbled F2 Bengal MaleBengal Cats Picture Gallery: Tengo
Picture of Sophie, a rosetted BengalBengal Cats Picture Gallery: SophiePicture of Aradia, an F3 Bengal KittenBengal Cats Picture Gallery: AradiaPicture of B'Elanna, a  Snow BengalBengal Cats Picture Gallery: B'ElannaPicture of Bengal Cat PockeyBengal Cats Picture Gallery: Pocky

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