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Maine Coon Cat Picture Gallery: Misty and Weeji

Pictures of the "Gentle Giant" Submitted by Readers


Picture of Maine Coons Misty and Weeji

Maine Coons Misty and Weeji

© Sue Nelson
Cat on left is "Misty Blue" a silver blue with white patched tabby female Maine Coon; the cat on right is "Weeji von Felis" brown mackeral tabby with white male Maine Coon.

Misty is very playful and periodically runs through the house, up and down stairs as though she was rocket-launched. She also loves to paw all the water out of her water bowl. Weeji, on the other hand, sits back and lets Misty take charge, he's not as playful but is an accomplished "talker". He can talk your leg off for at least the first half hour every morning.

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