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What breed is my cat?


Question: What breed is my cat?
Can you tell me what breed my cat is? my cat is is orange with lighter orange strupes and has a little whit on her chest and parts of her paws. And she is really fluffy. can you help me please?
Answer: Many people either are confused or simply can't accept the fact that most cats do not fit within a "breed." Mixed breed and "domestic cats" constitute the greater percentage of catdom. From your description, I'd say your kitty is a "red tabby DLH," which is not a breed but a color pattern description. (DLH stands for "domestic longhair.") She could be a mixed breed too.

Generally speaking, unless you purchased a cat from a breeder and have pedigree papers to prove it, the cat is not a "breed," but a domestic cat.

Because of the general confusion over what constitutes a "breed," I wrote an article awhile back on that subject. You can find it at http://cats.about.com/od/felinegenetics/a/colorpatterns.htm

Hope this helps!

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