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Backyard Breeder



Backyard breeders are usually large operations who breed substandard cats of many breeds in wholesale quantities for quick profit. They generally know little if anything about breed standards and breed for quantity, rather than quality. BYB's kennels are overcrowded and unsanitary, and their cats are often sick and/or malnourished.

Backyard breeders commonly advertise in local newspapers, and on Internet conglomerate "cats for sale" sites.

Pronunciation: back-yard bree-der
Also Known As: BYB, kitten farm, kitten mill
An earmark of a backyard breeder is the age they will allow kittens to leave the mother cat. Anything younger than 8 weeks, preferably 12, should be suspect. There is little governmental control in the U.S. over the activities of backyard breeders.
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