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Cat Cams - Kitties Online

Cats are in the vanguard of technology, as Cat Cams sweep the Net. These cams featuring kitties online may or may not be working, depending on the setup and time of day. It's like looking for Easter Eggs to find a cat, and great fun while looking.

Cat Cam
The most recent images were very blurry when I looked, but judging by the "Best of" photos, it works better on other days. Kitties are Beowulf and Athena.

Catnap Cam
While waiting for it to load, scroll down a bit as the cam is well below the opening screen. I saw Nikita-- a lovely but grumpy-looking Abyssinian, described as an "ex-felon" cat.

Grey and Black's Litterbox Cam
The cam reloads every 60 seconds. I saw two litter boxes, 5 food bowls and a jack-o-lantern. Those cats have to eat sometime!

These pussycats have it made! They only work M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Skittles Cam
Skittles has a cat cam, a photo library and a diary, if you can't catch him "at work".

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