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Can you answer this question for me?


Question: Can you answer this question for me?
The most frequently asked questions I receive by email can often already be answered with information readily found on the site. (This particular reader asked if canned cat food is good or bad for cats.) Please read my reply for possible help with your own questions. If you cannot find the answer readily, feel free to email me with your own questions, keeping in mind that although I try to read ALL my email, I can't always directly reply.
Answer: Like most of the questions I receive by email, the answer to yours can easily be found on the About Cats site itself. In most cases a search on the keyword (canned food in your case) will readily find the answer. The search button is at the right of the center section on every page. However, since a search on a general keyword often results in several "hits" on the same article, an alternate method is to go to the "Articles & Resources" listing at the left column of every page.

Under "Cat Food and Nutrition," in the right side of the center section, you will see a folder midway in the list titled "Canned Food." The "6" in parentheses indicates that there are six articles in this folder. Click on the folder and you will see the answer to your question in the top listed article.

When you have time (and the inclination), it might be helpful to briefly explore the content under the Articles and Resources listing to see the kinds of information that can be found under each main heading. You'll find that there is a large amount of information on almost every topic dealing with cats.

As an example, under "Health Concerns," there are 14 individual articles in the center list. But there's more: In the folder icons to the right of that list, you will see 14 folders, each containing more information.

Let's look at the "Diseases and Conditions" folder, which by far is the largest (the "204" in parentheses indicates the number of pieces of individual content): This folder contains 17 articles in the center list, and an additional 20 sub-folders to the right. Some of those sub-folders also are broken down into additional sections. An example is "Urinary Tract Disease," which is broken into two sections, Lower Urinary Tract Disease, and Kidney Disease.

Since some of the other folders contain a wide variety of content (You and Your Cat is a good example), sometimes a keyword site search will be quicker.

I hope this quick tutorial helps!

Franny Syufy
About Cats

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