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Overview of Six Free Cats' Topics Email Courses


Photo Credit: © Wilda L. Duncan

What would you do if you wanted to learn as much as possible about cats in the shortest time? Search the Internet, then click on random links, bookmarking some, discarding others, then narrowing down your search keywords, and going through the process again?

There is a much easier and more efficient way: enroll in one of these cats topics email courses. Each course is comprised of five to nine classes (lessons), delivered either daily or weekly, depending on the nature of the topic, i.e., since kittens develop so quickly, the classes are delivered daily. Each lesson will contain up to eight links to individual articles on the About.com Cats website. So by the time you have completed the course, you will have read up to 70 articles on cats.

If that sounds like a lot of reading in a short time, About.com has made it easier for you. The beauty of the system is that you can set your own pace, or even read the lessons out of order, if there is a topic that seems particularly urgent at any given time. These lessons do not expire. There's a special "Lost Lessons" URL at the bottom of each lesson - you can go there and "order" any lesson in the series, and it will be delivered immediately.

Responses From Readers

At the end of each email course, I provide a form which allows readers to write a critique of the course. What they liked; what they didn't, and suggestions for future email course topics. Here are a couple of responses:
  • The topic was an eye opener & forced me to do additional research. WOW! I am now an expert at a subject I never even knew I needed to learn about. I am very thankful to you for this course. I have come back to this course repeatedly to review and have sent links to several of my friends. THANK YOU!
  • Although I have been a cat owner for many years, I wanted to be sure that I "hadn't missed anything." I found out lots of good info on foods and claws! Thanks, Franny!

These Courses Are Presently Available:

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