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Cat Collectibles

Reviews and Top Picks from your Guide, as well as web sites about personal cat collections, and a few outstanding commercial sites where you can purchase gifts for fellow cat lovers, or collectible items for yourself.
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Readers' Cat Collectibles Picture Gallery
Cat collectibles are the finishing touch for homes that revolved around their resident cats. Almost nothing is more exciting to a cat lover than finding a new and unique object of art to add to his or her cat collectibles display. These pictures of cat collectibles were submitted to readers of cats.about.com, and represent the love these people have for their own cats. Enjoy this photo gallery of Readers' Cat Collectibles.

Cat Collectibles Picture Gallery
Confirmed cat lovers are inclined to surround themselves, not only with their furry feline friends, but their homes are often decorated to the max with cat memorabilia. As the About.com Guide to Cats, I am no exception. Over the year I have acquired either by purchase or by gifts from family and friends a plethora of cat figurines, picture frames, quilts, and other wonderful cat collectibles. I hope you enjoy my personal Cat Collectibles Picture Gallery.

Maneki Neko
The Maneki Neko started as a Japanese tradition, but is now a popular collectors item in many countries.

Cat Jewelry Under $100 - Top Picks
I can always identify fellow cat lovers by the pins, earrings, watches, bracelets, and other adornments they wear. By the same token, my own cat jewelry prompts conversations with other airulophiles I meet wherever I go. Here are some great examples of unique jewelry that will immediately brand you as a cat lover to all you meet, priced from...

Top Picks - Cat Calendars for 2005
For the cat lover who wants to surround himself or herself with everything feline, cat calendars are an absolute must. These are my top picks of cat calendars for 2005 desk calendars, wall calendars, cat cartoon calendars, and lovely cat photo calendars.

Cat in the Hat Products - Top Picks
The Cat in the Hat has been around for almost 50 years, since the publishing of the famed book by Dr.Seuss. An entire industry has evolved around The Cat in the Hat, and it is rare to see the home of a confirmed cat lover that doesn't display one or more Cat in the Hat products. These are my favorites of the group.

Cats Wall Decor - Prints and Posters
Cat lovers can be identified instantly by entering their homes and viewing all the wall decor, which usually includes framed prints and posters of cats. These are my 10 particular favorites.

Gifts for Female Cat Lovers - Top Picks
Women who love cats are the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for. They always love anything and everything related to cats, whether it be cat-themed jewelry, books about cats, calendars featuring cats or cat-related home decor. Here are my top picks to help you with ideas for your female friends who love cats.

Gifts for Cat Lovers
Cat lovers are the easiest people in the world to thrill with a gift, because anything cat-related will be welcome. These are my latest top picks for gifts for a cat lover for the holidays, for any other special occasion, or even "just because."

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